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Dhahi Khalfan addresses a sharp speech to the leader of the Houthis

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Through a series of tweets on his Twitter account, Dhahi Khalfan, the deputy police chief of Dubai, attacked Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the “Ansar Allah” group, and also used a flirtatious method to talk about “the Houthis’ dependence on Iran.”

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Dhahi Khalfan said on Twitter: “The honest people of Yemen are the ones who defeat Abdul Malik, his gang and his militias…”.

He addressed the Houthi leader, saying: “You, Abdul-Malik, are fighting the Yemeni state.. You will only receive from the state a confrontation with your Persian project. It is normal for a clash between you and the Arabs. You are not an Arab.”

He also added: “Oh Abd al-Malik, if the Arabs crowned you, you would not be subject to a knight, and enough discussion.”

And he said in another tweet: “Your love owns me like Iran owns Al-Houthi…You order him and he will respond to you, sir.”

Source: RT

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