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Diana Karazon: I am thinking of retiring on condition... and this is my favorite star

Diana Karazon: I am thinking of retiring on condition… and this is my favorite star

In her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the Jordanian artist revealed the scenes of her preparations for the song “Tuffaha”, saying: “I was attracted to the song for its difference and strangeness in the way of presentation and form, and the audience always loves renewal, so I wanted diversification and renewal in the style of the song and I loved it more, especially because it is presented in the Jordanian dialect in a way. chain”.

different idea

And about the idea of ​​​​a different clip that resembles cartoons, she replied Curzon: Indeed, the video clip is different and has shapes and graphics that are now present in the clips of international celebrities, in addition to that I am not against development and do not mind venturing to appear in a new way to the public away from the ideas of traditional clips.

The Jordanian artist dedicated her Egyptian song, “The Star of Egypt”, which was successful and interacted among the audience at last, to her husband, Moaz. business to her heart.”

Diana responded to questions about her absence from concerts in Egypt after an absence of many years, saying: “The truth is, there is no particular reason for absence, and if I ask for a party in Egypt, I will be there immediately, because my beloved Egypt means a lot to me, especially since I spent a long time in Egypt up to 8 years and helped me shine from the beginning of my artistic career, as I participated in many events and festivals.

production poverty

as touched Diana Karazon Speaking about the current state of Jordanian art, she pointed out that the Jordanian people have young talents and distinguished voices who are working to develop themselves with their efforts. However, the Jordanian artist considered that “there is poverty in the presence of production companies, which makes it difficult for our youth to spread to the Arab world, and there are young people who traveled abroad to perform concerts, and in the end I am proud of all the young people who represent the people of Jordan in a successful way.”

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She pointed out that “her life and her personality changed a lot in the presence of her daughter Salma and her husband Moaz, so she had responsibilities, and the matter was reflected in her work,” for example, traveling to perform parties and then returning on the same day. The priority in her life became for her family before her work. She revealed that she wishes to have children again.

On the idea of ​​her daughter entering the artistic field in the future, Diana replied: “I never mind her choices and I pray that they are right for the talent she possesses, and I will support what she loves, but the priority is to study and then her talent, as she may not like singing, and she has another talent.”

My personal life is a red line

Regarding her relationship with social media and her keenness that her daughter does not appear in the media, Karazon said: “My personal life is a red line, and I am one of the very few artists who do not review their private lives and their details on social media, and not for fear of envy as some think, for envy exists in all corners of life, But I have my privacy, which no one may infringe upon.”

Rap songs and festivals

In another context, Diana Karazon expressed her agreement to present a duet that combines it with the color of festivals and rap, and indicated that she is not against these two colors. Everywhere”.

Retirement and acting

On the other hand, Diana answered the reasons for her departure from acting after presenting her latest acting work, the 2015 Taraban series: My departure is not for certain reasons, and I do not mind repeating the acting experience, but my main profession is singing, and acting is a secondary experience in my career, and I will not participate in an acting work. Unless it will leave a distinctive mark on me, besides that acting takes more hours than singing, so I am waiting for a suitable job.

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Diana concluded her conversation with “Sky News Arabia”, stressing that she has never thought of retiring after 20 years of success, but if the day comes when she feels the end of her passion in the artistic field that she loved, she will stop art, and no one can influence her in the world by her retirement. Except by a decision from within it, Curzon is preparing for many concerts in America, Mexico and others during the coming period.