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Did Prince Harry talk to his older brother during his recent trip to England?

Abdul Rahman Al-Hajj

Thursday, 02 September 2021 – 20:10

Earlier reports spoke of serious tensions in the relationship between Prince Harry Prince Harry And his older brother Prince William Prince WilliamHe confirmed that the tension had peaked after the announcement by Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle. Megan Markle The Duchess of Sussex abruptly withdrew from royal life, criticizing the British royal family in front of the media, and according to published reports, Prince William and Harry have not spoken since, but an update on the famous book Finding freedom Speaking about the life of Prince Harry and his wife’s royal couple, he spoke several times about the “conversation” between Prince Harry and his older brother during his recent trips to Britain.

In April, Harry and William chatted

According to the book’s new update, Prince William and Harry had “at least two conversations” during Prince Harry’s visit to the United Kingdom in April this year to attend the funeral of the late Prince Philip. Prince Philip Prince Harry spent 8 days in England.

Snow-breaking encounter between William and Harry

The book also talks about another meeting and conversation between Prince William and Harry during Prince Harry’s recent visit to the UK, during which they unveiled a new memorial statue of the late mother Princess Diana. Princess Diana On July 1, 2021, the book said that the conversation between the two brothers at the time greatly helped to “break the ice” and eased the tension between the two brothers after a breakdown that lasted several months.

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Harry was discovered by the Queen of Britain

Prince Harry met the Queen

The book Prince Harry talks to his grandmother, the Queen of Britain, about his visit to the United Kingdom, and the book describes Prince Harry as “very special and influential” because it came several months later that he did not see his Grandmother Queen at that time, with whom he had been close and strong in the past. Had a relationship.