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Did the artist Mohamed Najati cause the divorce of Menna Arafa? Her husband breaks his silence

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Mahmoud Al-Mahdi revealed the details of his separation before his return to his wife, the young Egyptian artist, Menna Arafa, and what was reported about the cause of the scene of his meeting with the artist, Mohamed Najati, to separate.

Al-Mahdi said, in a video of him, via the story of his account on Instagram: “In words, it is said that the differences that were between me and Menna Arafa, because of a scene that led to the separation .. There is no such thing at all, and the scene was that she will be removed and she refused to be removed.” .

He continued, “We always talk to the producer or director. There are no scenes of a boss, there are no hugs, and there is no shell, and there are red lines like any respected artist.”

He added, “We do not have to communicate art in a brutal way, we can communicate it in a respectful way, and we are in an eastern society and we are supposed to take into account this.”

And the artist, Muhammad Najati, was after what was recently reported about his relationship with the separation of the artist, Menna Arafa, from her husband, the young artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, saying: “The issue is a cheek larger than its size.

Najati said in a telephone interview with the media, Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” satellite channel, on Friday evening, the artist, Menna Arafa, shares with me the filming of a series called “Villa 101”, and I embody among the work events a gynecologist, and there is a fainting scene for the artist Menna Arafa, who embodies the character of my sister at work, as a result of her pregnancy without the knowledge of her family.

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He added, “I was supposed to hold it in my hand, but she refused, and this is contrary to the work scenario, and there was a problem because of that, and the scene was deleted, and I said you are my little sister, and I explained to the director that I do not have a need in this scene and it was deleted.”

And he continued, “There is another scene in which I am supposed to examine her and feel the pulse of her hand to discover her pregnancy, but she refused at first, and then carried out the scene as it is in the scenario,” adding: “I was surprised by her position, and I told her that you are my sister, and your hand whispered, and I told the director. How, as a doctor, she will discover that she is pregnant in this scene without me touching her.”

And the artist, Mohamed Nagati, added: “There are many scenes between me and Mina during the coming days, including a scene in which I will strike her with the pen,” adding: “I will communicate with Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the actors, to find out what the artist is allowed to represent in the scenes written in the script and the extent of the artist’s commitment to the terms of the contract with the company.” Producer”.

And the artist, Menna Arafa, had recently announced her return to her husband, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, after their separation from each other during the past few days.

It is worth noting that Menna Arafa announced her separation from her husband, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, through the “Story” of her account on the “Instagram” website: “Everything is a division and a share, the separation has taken place, and may God help everyone.”

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