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Did The Batman director use Christopher Nolan's trilogy for success?  A "rigid film" explains the reasons |  Video

Did The Batman director use Christopher Nolan’s trilogy for success? A “rigid film” explains the reasons | Video

Content creator Mahmoud Mahdi presented a new episode of his program “Film Jamid”, in which he reviewed the movie The Batman, which was released in cinemas a few days ago.

The film, in the opinion of the presenter, is a different and new experience that combines the classification of films Noir, the classification of comic films and superheroes, and the director of the film, Matt Reeves, focused on previous successful experiences in presenting Batman stories, and away from the reasons for the failure of some experiments.

He adds that the effects of the director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy from the “Batman” films are clear in the new movie, and the most important of these effects is the distance from the supernatural supernatural elements, and the approximation of events to reality as much as possible, to show the characteristics of the superhero as a product of money and training, and the characteristics of the villain as a product of his intelligence and determination, in an attempt Avoid exaggerations in general.

The Batman is considered the beginning of a new phase of films and series about the character of “Batman” and the characters surrounding it, and its events take place in the second year of his fight against crime in Gotham City, and focus on a series of crimes behind “The Riddler”, who leaves a message for “Batman”. Each time, the latter, together with Lieutenant James Jordan, tries to decipher those crimes, which are beginning to threaten the life of the real “Batman” Bruce Wayne.

Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman stars Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and Paul Dano.

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