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Did the Covid-19 virus smell and smell you?  British chefs invented a special cookbook - Ž

Did the Covid-19 virus smell and smell you? British chefs invented a special cookbook – Ž

Loss of the sense of smell and taste is one of the most common symptoms of the Coronavirus. British chefs have created a cooking book on taste and flavor to help people rediscover the joy of food and cooking. It is even available for free Online.

Two young Britons, Ryan Riley and Kimberly Duke, spent months preparing eighteen recipes for those whose sense of smell and taste had been affected by the Corona virus. “Nobody talks about what it means to live with anorexia. When you do not feel what you eat for six months, you create a barrier to eating. It can itself be a psychological problem. Food is one,” he told the magazine, “The world’s greatest pleasures and tastes .. Life is poor and depressed.” Interested in the business Ryan Reilly.

Search They estimate that ten percent of people have post-Covid-19 syndrome for several months. According to the medical institute Johns Hopkins Medicine A quarter of people will experience their sense of taste and smell after a few weeks, but for most sufferers, the perceptual changes may take longer, up to a year.

Riley and Duke run the non-profit cooking school Life Kitchen, where they run free courses for cancer patients with anorexia. The death of both parents due to cancer led to its creation. They consulted Barry Smith of the University of London, a leading British researcher on the Covid-19 virus, for anorexia, to choose their recipes.

Riley says 80 percent of the taste is actually a scent, and the two senses are interconnected. When creating the recipes, they intensified some of the flavors, while avoiding others. “Onions, garlic, eggs, grilled meats and nuts can smell like rotting meat. Coffee might look like wastewater,” Riley explains.

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The cooking duo focused on enhancing spicy flavors and “adding texture and radiance to compensate for the lack of depth”. They tried nearly 300 recipes, of which they ultimately chose eighteen. They rely on intense salty flavors like soy sauce, miso, parmesan, and mushrooms. It includes all five flavors – sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, which can be translated as a delicacy or a delicacy. The recipes also contain ingredients that stimulate the so-called trigeminal nerve, which ensures facial sensitivity and supports its activity, such as wasabi or horseradish.

For example, Riley cites a recipe of Buttermilk Potato with Miso Dough and Herb Vinegar. The young chef, receiving positive reviews from the world, describes “miso salty white pepper and fresh mint that stimulates the trigeminal nerve, and vinegar spoils again”.

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