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Digital health and space engineering... a global education plan in the administrative capital's universities

Digital health and space engineering… a global education plan in the administrative capital’s universities

Dr. Daryl Dennis Brooks, President of the University of Central Lancashire branch, praised the cooperation of the Minister of Higher Education in establishing a branch of the university in the new administrative capital, stressing that the first batch of students were accepted this academic year, and they are young people who started their journey to the engineering profession to support Egypt’s Vision 2030 and social and economic reforms .

During his speech at the Ministry of Higher Education conference while inspecting foreign universities in the new administrative capital, Brooks added: “Our numbers will increase soon, especially in the fields of energy and space engineering, and I hope that the university will participate in providing other disciplines to support the health and stability of Egyptians, and may also include digital health and telemedicine practice. ».

This came on the sidelines of the minister’s tour of the European Universities Complex in Egypt, in addition to his tour of foreign universities’ branches in the New Administrative Capital. His inspection tour began by inspecting Heard University and then the International Knowledge University, followed by European universities, and concluding his tour by inspecting the Canadian Universities Complex in Egypt.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the Republic of Egypt, specifically the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has reached the point that there is nothing abroad that is not present in Egyptian universities.

The Minister of Higher Education, during his speech on the sidelines of his inspection tour of the headquarters of Coventry University as part of the minister’s tour of branches of foreign universities in the New Administrative Capital, said today, Saturday: “I met young people from branches of foreign universities, who are happy with their studies, and proud of the educational system, and it is enough that we have helped thousands of families. From keeping their children from studying abroad and blending international education with the Egyptian identity and the needs of society and ensuring that it is a model for successful foreign universities.”

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The minister pointed out that Egypt’s experience in establishing branches of foreign universities fascinated neighboring countries, explaining that many neighboring countries were fascinated by the model of branches of foreign universities in Egypt.