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Dina El-Sherbiny yearns for her first career…and reveals her favorite song

revealed the artist Dina El-Sherbiny About her longing to return to her old profession as a broadcaster, and she talked about the most important lessons she learned from the year 2022, confirming that she had succeeded in getting rid of her intense nervousness, and said that she wanted to present specialized dramas for children and women’s issues, and confirmed that she was very optimistic about the year 2023.

She added, in a phone call to the “Khalas Sahinah” program, presented by Marina Al-Masry on Mega FM: I came out of 2022 with many personalities that affected me, and God willing, the next year will be better, and she is very optimistic about 2023, and about the lesson of this year is that I don’t need time for my work and my life is necessary I also focus on my family and give them a little more of my time and energy.

And she continued: The song I was most happy to hear this year was “What a Sweet Day” by Ahmed Saad, and the song I cried the most about was Mohamed Hamaki’s song “Ma Balash”.

She continued, saying: I liked a lot of works this year, but the work I liked the most is Zeina’s series “The Night and the One in It.”

And she continued: “About the work I enjoyed the most, it is a full series, which I am currently filming and will be shown in Ramadan 2023.”

And she continued: “I do not follow social media, but I love Tik Tok, and the word “trend” for me is terrifying, and I do not like it at all, and I myself try radio very much, and I miss the days when I was a broadcaster.

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She concluded by saying: The most important thing that has changed in me this year is that my nervousness has become less, and this is not an easy need, because I am a very emotional person, and all my feelings are revealed to me, and I, praise be to God, have been well psychologically, and I have been able to control my feelings, and I do not allow anything to upset me. And it was a year full of happiness, for Dina El-Sherbiny, praise be to God.

It is noteworthy that Dina El-Sherbiny studied media at October 6 University in Cairo, and after her graduation she joined acting training workshops with acting coach Marwa Jibril, and participated in articulation courses with artist Iman Younes.

She began her career in working life in 2006 by participating in presenting the daily program “Shababeek”, which was shown on the Egyptian Dream Channel, until 2011, when she began her participation in public works through the Citizen X series.

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