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Director of “Emirates Space Simulation” to “Al-Ittihad”: “Sirius” determines the shape of space missions in the future

Director of “Emirates Space Simulation” to “Al-Ittihad”: “Sirius” determines the shape of space missions in the future

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

Engineer Mohammed bin Nachouk, director of the Emirates Space Simulator project, revealed that Saleh Al-Amiri, the pioneer of space simulation, spent 49 out of 240 days for the complete mission, explaining that the team had a busy schedule with work, studies and tests in light of the psychological conditions they face, and team members have daily skills. They practice it as hobbies of reading and watching movies, noting that the results of the Sirius mission will contribute to the development of science and the advancement of space science, and benefit from the experience in knowing how to configure future missions for humans in the space world. In his interview with Al-Ittihad, he said: “We receive almost daily reports from the (Sirius) mission team from the ground simulation unit in the experimental ground complex in the Russian capital, Moscow, and we follow daily through the health team the physical and health status through specialized doctors, through sessions Especially with each member of the team, they follow through video communication with a delay that simulates the interaction as it is in outer space. He explained that the daily reports received by Saleh Al Ameri are the reports of living experiences, how the team is coherent in the tasks they perform, and the difficulties they are currently facing, indicating that it is necessary to understand it as the first Emirati experience as well if we decide to build such a unique station in UAE.
Engineer Mohammed bin Nachouk added: “The lunar orbit has been successfully reached in the simulation, and now they are preparing the vehicle to start simulation experiments from landing on the moon’s surface, getting out of the vehicle, and starting sampling, and now the team is fully prepared to go by using the simulators to perform these tasks. It is the exit of astronauts from the spacecraft of another planet.

  • Mohammed bin Nachouk

On the most prominent current experiences that the team is going through, Ibn Nachouk stressed: We know that gravity is zero, and through space simulation programs there are special devices for simulation where astronauts practice determining their whereabouts and directions, if they are in a zero-gravity area, and how can they remember places and determine directions?
He stated that the experience of “spatial perception” is a unique experience; Because it positively affects isolation and being in a closed environment, because they feel out of place, and the virtual experience is very interactive for the astronaut.
He continued: As for the second experiment, it is one of the important experiments, which is driving the spaceship in a space simulation environment, which the team is working on on how to drive, how to dock with the international spacecraft as well, how to drive, conditions and how to reach, the inner feeling shows how the spacecraft can dock The outer space with the orbit that we will connect to it, whether it is on another planet or the international space stations close to the Earth.

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Vehicle inspection
Ibn Nashouq said: The aim of this experiment is to examine the status of these compounds; Because during its existence outside space, it is exposed to some malfunctions that could affect the vehicle itself, and the impact of the life span of these vehicles in a simulated environment. What are the difficulties they may encounter while driving vehicles in outer space and the psychological impact and ability to be in an isolated environment. He added: One of the basic experiments is also to experience the functions of brain opportunities, while they are in the isolated environment, as each astronaut has a device connected to the brain in several different parts to measure the signals and vibrations that come out of the brain for the effort of the human being himself, pointing out that this study is very important and helps researchers to know How our mind interacts with the body changes the function we do, especially since they are in an isolated area for a long time, and it is necessary to know how the brain signals perform in such conditions that astronauts live in, which helps in the exploration of other planets, and to know how astronauts deal in outer space environments.

  • During the space simulation mission (Images from the source)
    During the space simulation mission (Images from the source)

He added, “The team is currently in an excellent condition, and things are going according to the plan established from the beginning in cooperation with the Russian team,” stressing that “the team meets on a daily basis at a specific hour to determine the daily tasks and the tasks for the next day, and we will start sharing these videos soon, and we have shared A video on the occasion of the National Day, in which a unique message was shared and the team spoke in Arabic. This is one of the non-scientific topics that the team practiced inside the station, as they communicate with their families and practice their hobbies.

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He explained that the reports include 70 experiments inside the station, which are carried out through a continuous mechanism between the prepared team, the planning team and the team inside the station, and the information reaches us through storage “servers” inside the station itself, and this information is considered a great wealth, as it includes information for 8 months about humans and how Their performance is in an isolated environment, and the specialized team on the other hand is the follower of mental and physical health, and it consists of doctors specialized in such physiological and psychological experiments for humans in these environments, and they are currently following the team, which is in good mental, physical and psychological health; Because they continue to practice sports and mental operation due to the presence of signals of scientific missions that require them to have high engineering and technical skills, and this information will be shared during the coming period approximately every week, and there will be an update of the mission, and everything new we will share with the public. He pointed out that the task is not easy and will last for 8 months, explaining that all means have been provided for the space simulators that facilitate their affairs to coexist with outer space, but this long period can lead to changes and physical and psychological effects for humans, and all previous experiences that were taken into account from the experiences of doctors Specialists in this field have been employed in these missions, and these missions lead to other advanced tasks that improve performance and information that can be taken from each experiment, as well as essential things for future experiments to have a picture of how future missions for humans will be formed in that the arrival of humans from one planet to another will be difficult However, in the future, their existence as information and technologies will be considered easy. And he indicated that the current role is essential, as it requires a large team of doctors, technicians, specialists and engineers to form such studies that prepare humans to advance in space sciences and advanced sciences that allow human perception of the tangible things in the universe and the galaxy in which we live as tangible things, and are able to develop the science that we have reached. Through various efforts by an integrated team that aims to achieve the advancement of the scientific level in general.

Adaptation difficulties
The director of the Emirates Space Simulation Project said: “We noticed in the control room that the team was trying to adapt to the new environment for the first two weeks somewhat,” noting that “there were some difficulties and changes that they faced, as they needed time to get used to the new situation, and now after this Everyone is accustomed to the situation, their daily schedule, the things they have to do and the daily duties they have to carry out.”

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