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Directors joked about the song's bonuses

Directors joked about the song’s bonuses

“The directors used to be cynical. Unfortunately, when more money is being poured in there now, the subjective evaluation is still very close to reality,” Michel Cerny, president of the Association of Elementary School Principals, admitted in Bravo.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has sent an additional 9 percent money to schools in exchange for this year’s salaries, nearly a third of which went to the undue component of salaries, i.e. personal assessments and bonuses.

It works as a stimulus

While bonuses are usually distributed twice a year at the end of the semester, personal evaluation is distributed by the manager at his own discretion. You should regularly motivate the most serious, competent, or successful teachers.

However, if the manager saves the monthly personal evaluations, he / she will distribute the amount to everyone one or more times in pay, often at the end of the calendar year.
According to Markita Sedlova, Vice President of School Departments, schools should especially value the work of teachers, especially at the time of distance learning, because working with distance learning was much more than usual.

“Our survey shows that, on average, personal rewards range from a thousand to two a month. But many schools are not paying them at all yet.”

Thousands add up and still there

“Then there are schools for minorities that have a personal assessment of between four and five thousand, which corresponds to their current capabilities, and they still have many semi-annual and year-end bonuses,” added Sedlova. According to her, this does not meet the intention of the ministry, which has promised directors, from increasing volumes to the non-entitlement component of salary, that board members will value performance above par.

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“We know from various discussions with principals that they usually still keep the components of non-claim for half a year as rewards. But when do you value work more than distance learning, which is simply more demanding?” Sedlova wondered, that now that schools are open, she can take factors Other in mind.

According to her, directors save from inertia. Before the education financing reform, which began two years ago, they were not sure how much money they would receive outside of the base tariff they would actually get into the budget during the year, so they were keen on their bonuses. But they now have certain budgets since January, even if, for example, they open a new classroom in the new school year and rent a new class.

“We simply knew that at that time. And Sedlova said the provinces, that is, the ministry, should participate in financing everything.” According to erný, with an approach like this, when they are not using personal evaluation, they play with the motivation of the faculty. At his Masaryk elementary school in Klánovice, Prague, the best teachers are paid an extra amount of up to ten thousand a month.

Total teacher salaries
Years Average income Change from year to year
2015 27,809 CZK 2,6%
2016 29,381 CZK 5,7%
2017 31548 CZK 7,4%
2018 34,913 CZK 10.7%
2019 40,111 CZK 14.9%
2020 44,202 CZK 10.2%

Although each school has different conditions, however, if the principals still value the quality with hundreds of crowns per month, then, according to erný, they must pay out tens of thousands of bonuses at the end of the calendar year.

The government has committed that at the end of 2021, teachers will receive a salary of 150 percent of their average salary in 2017. This will be at least 45,000 gross totals per month on average.

Last year ended with the average salary of singers totaling 44,202.