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Disappearance of areas and the displacement of millions .. What will the weather be like in 2100?

Disappearance of areas and the displacement of millions .. What will the weather be like in 2100?

While the Mediterranean countries are experiencing one of the hottest summers in history, with temperatures in some European countries exceeding 45 degrees Celsius, and the media circulating daily reports related to exceptional waves of rain, floods and abnormal torrents, in Germany, Belgium, India and China, the magazine Nature Climate Change shocked viewers about global weather temperature During the year 2100, and developments in the climate and the natural environment from now until that time.

The magazine warned countries, industrial institutions and individuals against continuing the irresponsible behavior they are currently adopting, which will have destructive results on the “world’s future”, as it puts it, and in a shorter period of time than all expected.

The American academic journal Nature Climate Change, which has a series of tracking and monitoring observatories in many parts of the world, said in the study, which was supervised by environmental scientist Eric Fisher, that the totality of the exceptional events that have become in various global environments is “a natural response to the high temperature The Earth, which every 10 years exceeds all expectations that were previously observed for it.”

The famous scientist who prepared the study, with the help of more than 20 global experts, stated that the margin between each decade and the next will increase in the coming decades, and consequently the shocking weather conditions will be many times what the globe is witnessing today.

According to the best forecasts, as set by the American scientist, and if the various countries of the world adhere to the warnings issued by scientists, especially in the field of carbon emissions, attention to the natural environment and rationalization of excessive use of resources, the world’s weather will be 8 decades from now, that is, during the year 2100 is warmer than now. at least three degrees Celsius.

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The detailed study, which was seen by “Sky News Arabia”, included a huge set of results that such a number, which at first glance seems small, ordinary, and can deal with, may reveal.

But in effect, it will contribute to the melting of half of the snow covering the south and north poles of the Earth, which means rising sea levels and the sinking of more marine cities around the world.

It will also push the rates of desertification to increase, the uprooting of green spaces from mountainous areas, and the disappearance of more agricultural and animal species from the planet, especially those that cannot leave their local home, such as elephants, felines and wild deer.

The aforementioned practical study was added to a set of clear information and data that the same academic journal had announced one month ago, and was supervised by Peter von Gathen, Rigel Keefe and Ingo Waltmann, who said that large areas of the globe, especially coastal regions and cities, would disappear. Because of these climatic shifts.

I also mentioned what could be the situation of the globe in this respect during the year 2100.

The scientific research published by the magazine said that all areas of the land whose height does not exceed 2 meters above the average sea level will be by virtue of the land submerged in the sea, and that this area is estimated at 650,000 square kilometers, twice the area of ​​Germany, and that it will disappear from the area inhabited parts of the world at that date.

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The detailed study said that the population of these regions is currently estimated at about 267 million people, 72 percent of whom live in the poorest African and Asian regions in the world.

She added that taking into account the population increases until that time, will mean that climate change will displace 410 million people from the population of those areas, which will disappear during that time, noting that the entire coastal strip near those areas will be subject to devastating coastal floods during that date.

The forecasts of the two studies said that the globe may witness a climatic calm during the period 2040-2060, due to the adoption of very firm policies by countries and international bodies, but the rise in temperatures during that period will continue at a lower pace than in previous times, until conditions reach a level The rise in temperature is responsible for phenomena that in themselves will help to further rise in temperatures, particularly the phenomena of desertification and the elimination of green environments.