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Discover the largest Roman mosaic in London

Discover the largest Roman mosaic in London

The land still holds many valuable archeological treasures that tell the ancient history. We know its secrets from its antiquities and inscriptions.

Well-preserved Roman mosaic has been found in London, especially near Short, the tallest tower in the UK capital, and near London Bridge, covering a large part of the site where it was found, and parts of this mosaic date back to about 1800 years ago.

Earlier this month, archaeologists at the Archaeological Museum of London (MOLA) discovered the mosaic during an excavation of the former parking lot before construction began.

According to a press release issued by the Museum (MOLA), the discovery is considered to be the largest Roman mosaic found in London in the last fifty years.

Sophie Jackson, director of development services at the Archaeological Museum in London, told CNN that “this is a very special discovery” because Roman mosaics were so rare in London because it was a “crowded” city.

“It’s hard to believe this mosaic still stands,” Jackson said.

“It is very pleasing to find such a large and complete mosaic in the identifiable room, we think it is the dining room,” he added. “It’s so beautiful, really, so awesome.”

It should be noted that the team of archaeologists believes that the dining room where the mosaic was discovered may have been part of a larger Roman palace or that it was “the most elegant accommodation providing lodging, sustainable service and food.” Luxurious furnishings and the aforementioned size indicate that high-ranking officials and their guests reside here.

Mosaic design

The mosaic consists of two panels, the largest of which dates to the second or third century AD. But traces of old mosaic were found beneath the board, and an expert would try to repaint it and rebuild it, Jackson said.

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The large panel is “surrounded by threads surrounded by large, colorful flowers” and decorated with patterns including the Solomon Knot. The small mosaic includes knots of Solomon and “participating flowers”.

Because of the “subtle connection” of this design with the mosaics found in Trier, Germany, the researchers believe that both artists worked on the same tradition based on the tradition of “Roman artisans going to London to work”.

Mosaic website

Jackson described the mosaic site: “People, mostly men in this case, were lying on sofas, lying on their left shoulder, eating, looking south into the large room, looking at the mosaic.”

Along with the mosaic site, the team found luxurious paintings, terrace floors and remnants of mosaics and coins, jewelry and ornate harpins, claiming that the inhabitants of the site were wealthy.

Although the future of the mosaic has not yet been decided, “Jackson” said it will be shown to the public. According to the archeology department, they will resume their work to reach the final stage of excavation at a place that has not yet been explored.

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