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Discovery of an 8000 year old underwater city

Discovery of an 8000 year old underwater city

Produced by: Mustafa Al-Jobi

About 8000 years ago, when the United Kingdom was still connected to the European mainland, archaeologists discovered a city lost in the English Channel or the English Channel. Divers called it the “Old Ghost Town” after many shipwrecks were discovered.
Scientists say the canal formed from the largest tsunami ever recorded, and caused landslides known as “storka slides” and the water reached 25 miles (40 km) inland into the sea, turning the channel’s swamps into a full sea. This made Britain an island nation.
This city was first discovered during a routine survey in 1999, but divers do not know what lies beneath? Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the ark, and scientists have recorded the structures using the latest technology.
“There’s a kind of structure that looks like layers of wood,” researcher Albert Lane said in the 2019 documentary Lost Cities with Albert Lane. It looks like an old ghost town, under water.
Gary Momber, marine archaeologist and director of the Marine Archaeological Fund, explained: “As the sea level rose, it was covered with sediment and all the oxygen was extracted from it, so far it is preserved in a kind of anaerobic environment.”
Momber added that some parts of the site were used for building boats and others for fishing, and that we found evidence that city dwellers used wood more than two thousand years before its era, however, the work of uncovering secrets has become much harder to survive in the seabed, the depth of the canal.
Mumber, the only site in the UK, currently stresses that about 50 cm is eroded every year.

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