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Discussion of the emergency he does not want to miss – Libero Codidiano

Paola Tomasi

In Europe, chaos continues. Not only has the 50 750 billion of the rescue fund not yet been spent, but the German Constitutional Court has also blocked its approval, so it has been allocated to countries. Despite all this, Italy and France are already asking for additional resources, although they have not seen a single euro to date. Like the previous already completed and successful projects, they have been on the pipeline for almost a year, but only at the bar chat level. The plan is still born out of the personal aspirations of the leaders of the two countries, Drake and Macron, who are preparing to oust Queen Angela Merkel of Europe next September, not for real economic reasons, but using growing internal political difficulties.

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In particular, the president’s potential successor, Ursula van der Leyen, has already come under the weight of vaccine errors. After all, Mario Draghi, who always has an eye abroad, does not want to miss the conflict with the United States, which has already put billions of dollars on the field for viral emergencies, with almost the same beneficiaries. Hopefully 6,000, eight times more than in Europe, 3,000 more are likely to arrive soon. Also, with the awkward situation that they have already reached the pockets of Americans in the US while we are still waiting in Europe. That is why the Italian recovery plan, which is due in April, may slip, which is still on the minds of Economy Minister Daniel Franco.

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So, in the EU and in our country, there is a lot of talk, but no small results. Restart, recovery and regression are again pious motives. This week we went further with the European Council, discussing eurobonds, strengthening the euro as a currency and easing the rules on stratified public debt. These are all sacred arguments, but we know that Europe cannot take it seriously until it reaches a definite point. However, knowing the EU’s guidelines can be interpreted as a positive signal to those who want to believe them, the fact that they are already on the agenda. The result of Mario Tracy’s own innovative existence. In fact, he was the one who presented the issues that had hitherto been carefully avoided, instilled a new level of confidence and provided a perspective beyond the emergency, which had not been seen for some time.

Precisely at the meeting of EU heads of state and government, we saw at the international table how much easier it was for the new Italian Prime Minister to talk about strategies for the future than at the majority meetings to unravel the wool problems of the sheep. Pressed by the League. More than the daily exchanges of Italian politicians, with European partners without hesitation, at the expense of repetition, even by setting challenging goals to emphasize, has long been planned, for whom he has the most respectful smiles.

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For Enrico Letta, the secretary of the Democratic Party, his strategy seems to be to imitate Salvini by biting him so that he can gather consensus and live in a reflected light. As always Tracy is better at negotiating vaccines for the whole old continent with colleagues he has known for some time, rather than providing financial support to Italian companies. But this approach may be precisely what the country needs to overcome this difficult stage. No one seems to care if people agree or not.

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