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Discussion - The M1 chip is sparking excitement, and Apple is already producing the M2.  It will be in this year's Macs - Živě.cz

Discussion – The M1 chip is sparking excitement, and Apple is already producing the M2. It will be in this year’s Macs – Živě.cz

The M1 simply supports only two screens, it’s just a reality, it’s an entry-level device for kids and students to surf the web on the go, and two screens are sufficient enough for the vast majority of people in the target group.You connect two monitors to MacMini by default. One is via HDMI and the other is USB-C or Thunderbolt, depending on whether the display has a USB-C or Thunderbolt input. Or, you can use a USB-C-HDMI cable if you don’t have a USB-C / Thunderbolt display.For USB-C / Thunderbolt monitors, in case of Macbooks, you can also get power delivery, i.e. charging, and also if it has a hub, it acts as a hub, so you can connect other devices to the monitor, this is useful if you have more devices Connected and peripheral devices. Connects to the device that is currently viewing the image.And yes, you connect to other screens using the Display Link chip in the cable / dock. And performance doesn’t bother you, my dock can work 2x4k or 1x5k (2x display port). From experience you have the same performance as on the original screen. As needed in Apple Lighting’s original HDMI reducer has a mini dual-core boom with 256MB memory inside.It’s not a graphics card that does image rendering, 3D acceleration, etc. It is just a small computer that converts data from a computer into an image.The computer is running the DisplayLink driver, which creates the virtual screen. The image is assembled in this computer just as it is on the original screen, however the image data is not sent in the form of a video signal, but the simple “raw” data and translation to the HDMI / display port are taken care of through the chip in this dock.
The comparison to the Macbook Pro 16 “with discrete graphics is misleading, you are comparing a professional work machine to the lowest possible computer model Apple makes, which costs a fraction of the price.

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