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Dismantling a criminal network active in fabricating travel visas towards European space

The Department of Forensic Investigations in the Border Police Governorate at Tunis-Carthage Airport was able to uncover a criminal network active in the field of fabricating travel visas, forming a corrupt gang, and engaging in a criminal concord in order to help those wishing to travel to European space through the Tunisian country to cross the border illegally by fabricating files Fake to obtain valid travel visas and fabricate fraudulent travel visas towards European countries.
Border security agents at Tunis-Carthage Airport were able, on May 3, to detect an attempt by travelers to leave Tunisian soil in the direction of a European country using fabricated travel visas. Fabricating fake files in order to obtain travel visas towards European space.
After coordination with the Public Prosecution, a search was opened for the purpose, and by deepening the field and technical investigations, it was possible to identify the link element within the network (using a code name to move freely) and arrest him with documents comprising fabricated travel visa files, an important amount of money, and a group of passports that were seized from inside his car on his custody. The research, which was presented to the automatic system, showed that it was a place of inspection for the benefit of various security and judicial authorities for theft and the formation of a gang of spoilers.
By deepening the necessary investigations, it was possible to identify the rest of the elements of the network, and after obtaining the necessary legal permissions, it was possible to arrest and keep 04 suspected of them, including the main element, which was found to be the place of 12 inspection posts and using a false identity to investigate the legal consequences, with the referral of a person in the case of submission and inclusion of 03 Persons searched after consulting the Public Prosecution.
A sum of 3,400 dinars, 05 passports, 02 laptop computers, 05 mobile phones, documents prepared for creating travel visa files, a fabricated national identification card bearing the image of the network leader with another identity, an international driver’s license and a foreign identity card bearing the identity of the same person, were seized. The vehicle used by the link member for his transportation has also been impounded.
06 records were issued for “fraud, holding and using a fraudster”, “fraud of an official document and participation in that”, “transfer and formation of agreement with the intention of helping others to leave Tunisian soil illegally” and “stopping an inspector” and the research is continuing.

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