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Dissident John Bock: The desire for freedom will be stronger in the end

Angelica Bazalova
June 1, 2021 • 16:00

Renegade John Bock:

Do you understand the motives of the people who say they do not want to be vaccinated in principle?

There are definitely people who can be vaccinated who need to be vaccinated. Or those who are being vaccinated because they will feel safe. It is true. But forcing citizens to make decisions based on a certain ideology, otherwise their freedom will be restricted, is unacceptable. What is happening here is not medicine as an exact science, but an ideology.

Will you get vaccinated?

I trust my immunity and I have no reason to inject a vaccine that is still in use in a policing system – that is, where it saves lives, which is not the case in my case. I really injured myself and survived. We citizens have the right to ask why politicians make sure this is what will help us. And while I’m following this, it’s not at all certain that these measures will really help against the spread of the disease. But it very quickly serves as an excuse to restrict our freedoms.

However, this is not a specific feature of the Czech Republic, as similar measures are being prepared by the whole of Europe.

We may pass tests on whether we are eligible to have children if we do not want to be vaccinated against a disease that does not harm children in practice. These are regimes that pretend to be very democratic, but which result in a sophisticated totalitarianism. It is a special feature of historically infected Europe, as it went through two crazy regimes. As far as I know from my friends in America, no one will impose anything like this there, because America is built on an individualistic approach to freedom.