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Distinctive personality traits | Madam Magazine

owners own Distinctive character Great determination and determination. They are willing to do whatever they want, even if others advise them otherwise. But this makes many confuse them with stubbornness. People with a distinctive personality are self-reliant and hardly wait for approval or permission from others. In other words, this personality pushes him to act according to his own desires, which makes him more independent, but that does not mean in any way that he is arrogant, stubborn, or difficult to train, exercise, and approach him. On the contrary, we find that people with a distinctive personality take responsibility for the situations they face, which makes them a source of inspiration for others, and they always welcome change and learn new things. Dr. Heba Ali, a human development expert, says to my lady: Few are those who realize that the concept of a distinguished personality is mainly about self-motivation and not needing confirmation or approval from others to do things. The owners of this personality are distinguished from others because they take full responsibility for their actions, and they do not need constant attention and follow-up all the time. Not only that, they are also good listeners, even though it doesn’t seem like it at times.

Distinctive personality traits

Make quick decisions – pixels

Don’t hide behind excuses

She does not accept excuses and justifications and does not try to use them to protect herself. She takes full responsibility for her actions, even if she makes mistakes or fails in certain situations. From an early age, she learned to be mature enough to admit her mistakes and ask for an apology if necessary.

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– She does not need confirmation of the validity of her decisions

The owner of the distinguished personality does not need others to confirm or endorse it, as he is self-confident and knows very well what he wants in life.

– Good listening and attention to detail

There is a difference between hearing and listening that the owner of this personality understands well, and knows the need to listen to others so that he can provide answers that suit their needs. This type of person pays attention to seemingly trivial details, and wants to help the person asking Support and support him.

The ability to control and self-control

The best traits enjoyed by the owners of this personality is the wonderful ability to control oneself. No matter how bad or embarrassing the situation is, these people usually manage to keep their cool and keep things under control to get on with their day. This explains the ability of these people to save the situation, which might have gotten out of control without their presence. This does not mean, of course, that they do not suffer from panic attacks or do not feel fear and stress. It’s just that they have a distinctive and unique way to quickly and efficiently restore things.

Don’t hide behind excuses-pexels

Quick decision making:

Due to their high self-confidence and great self-awareness, people with a strong personality can make quick and instant decisions that will solve the problems that come their way.

Not sharing ideas

He keeps his secrets to himself and does not reveal them even to his closest friends. He is also good at separating work and personal life, sharing only important information with the most important people around him. In some cases, it can be intriguing and mysterious.

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He doesn’t need to be the center of attention

Some people often need to turn into the center of attention and gain popularity, but this does not apply to the distinguished personality, as he has enough self-confidence, and does not wait to be the focus of attention of those around him.

Do not speak unless needed

A person who talks a lot cannot guarantee that the other will listen to him carefully, and the person with a distinguished personality realizes the importance of choosing words to convey his message to his recipients, and he does not speak until a distinct idea comes to his mind.

The ability to refuse and say “no”

The owners of this personality are self-confident and very sure of their abilities They don’t give up They don’t agree with something they don’t fully believe in. These people have no problem saying “no”. Your persuasion and your attempts to change their opinion will not work, because as long as they believe in something, they will maintain this belief, and nothing will change it. And just as they are able to say “no” when the situation requires it, they have no problem at all when it is said to them “no” either. They are well aware that it is impossible to always obtain the approval of others, and the rejection of others does not affect their self-esteem at all.

– Have a sense of humor

These individuals are often more relaxed and fun to be around. They have a unique way of balancing their serious nature with their playful nature. they are usually more fun and open to people close to them. However, you have to be careful for their jokes and jokesbecause they may resort to throwing some of them even in the most serious and assertive situations.

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