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Distributing free games cost billions of epic crowns in the first year

It is an electronic game
| picture: Epic games

Outcome of the first dispute between Epic and Apple over Fortnite’s revenue share (see Nai TmaWe’ll have to repent for a while, but there’s a lot of interesting information leaked to the public. Among the documents that Epic has submitted to the court, we can see, among other things, the extent to which it relies on its free game distribution policy.

Unfortunately, information is only recent from 2019 and covers less than the store’s first year of existence, but you can still get a relatively solid idea of ​​it.

Gaming table that

Table of games distributed by the Epic Store in its first year of existence.

The most expensive game of the period was Batman: Arkham Asylum with a million and a half dollars, followed by Subnautica for 1.4 million dollars. On the other side of the spectrum, on the other hand, we find the improved Metro 2033 Redux, which Epic has never paid a dime for by the author. In this case, it’s likely just a continuation of the deal 4A Games and Epic struck together during the Metro Exodus exclusive release (see below). Dubov Link).

It is clear from the document that the salary of many months is a game of ambition, that is, an epic salary. Thus authors of smaller indie games get records and hundreds of thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands and millions of Crowns), the largest of which are a million and more. In total, Epic spent $ 11,658,000 on games during the period under review, which is roughly a quarter of a billion crowns.

At first glance, it’s a huge pension, but Epic can’t afford it. During 2018 and 2019, Fortnite alone awarded him $ 9 billion, or 200 billion kronor. For comparison, the Czech budget deficit last year was 367.4 billion crowns.

Epic currently manages a lot of money in his store, he buys dimly from the market, and his party is dominated by unquestionable Steam until recently. According to Tim Sweeney’s Epic, the investment will start to pay off in 2023, when the entire project becomes profitable (see N-link).