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Divisions within the "Brotherhood of Tunisia"... a maneuver or a jump from the sinking boat?

Divisions within the “Brotherhood of Tunisia”… a maneuver or a jump from the sinking boat?

Rached Ghannouchi, head of the Ennahda movement, was forced, on Saturday evening, to postpone the meeting of the Ennahda Shura Council, which represents the highest authority in the party, indefinitely, due to the sharp divisions in the organization and the explicit demands to dismiss Ghannouchi..

Sources from within the movement said that “Ghannouchi postponed the meeting, which was scheduled for Saturday, only an hour before the scheduled meeting, after he learned that dozens of young party members and some of its leaders, including parliamentarians, demanded that Ghannouchi resign..

In conjunction with an internal turmoil and a political siege of the Ennahda movement, a number of its leaders submitted their resignations, most notably Muhammad al-Nuri, a leader in the movement and a member of the General Shura Council. As a result, the head of the Ennahda Shura Council, Abdel Karim Harouni, postponed the session called for by 80 members of the Shura Council, and it was approved by a majority in the office, according to the Tunisian Moazik news website.

Ghannouchi’s treachery and the invocation of old differences

Tunisian political analyst Nizar Jelidi says that the escalating events in Tunisia over the past few days have brought back to the leaders of Ennahda the positions of the old dispute and the historical facts of treachery on the part of Rashid Ghannouchi, who left his men at the time of the crisis in Tunisia and fled to Britain, leaving everyone in prisons in 1987..

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Jelidi confirms that the events have renewed the dispute that has already existed for several months between the Brotherhood at home and abroad, noting that the elements of the international organization support Ghannouchi because he is one of the financial incentives for the organization, but the elements of the Ennahda movement completely reject his continuation in his presidency.

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Jelidi explained that the leaders of the interior had expressed their anger towards Ghannouchi, when more than 100 leaders, including parliamentarians, asked him to submit his resignation 4 months ago, in what was known as the statement of the hundred..

The movement is witnessing sharp differences between its leaders, which are reflected in the statements of the leader, Samir Dilo, who rejected the calls Ghannouchi To rally in the street, and demanded that Ennahda recognize its responsibility for the deteriorating situation in the country, and admit failure in front of the citizens, threatening his resignation..

Delo said, “It is necessary for the movement’s leaders to know its size after it has taken place from the variables.”“.

Delo added: “I and other leaders of Ennahda explained my position to the head of the movement Rashid GhannouchiBecause the situation has changed, but there are those who accused me of wanting to obtain the position of Ghannouchi, and I was demonized, and there are those who said that I wanted to jump from a sinking ship.“.

He demanded a statement issued by a number of young people The Renaissance Movement, among them deputies in Parliament, on Friday evening, to dissolve the movement’s executive office, accusing it of failing and causing the deterioration of the situation in the country, as well as Rashid Ghannouchi assuming his responsibility before the people, adhering to the corrective path and recognizing mistakes..

130 young people, including a number of deputies, said, “Tunisia is going through a historical turning point that led to the President of the Republic taking exceptional measures, which were welcomed by the people, and also raised the reservation of part of the political and legal elite.”“.

And the statement continued, “This critical situation, which it is no secret to any of us that our party was an essential element in it, puts us in front of the inevitability of passing through painful and inevitable options, whether it is out of responsibility and avoiding past mistakes, or in response to popular pressure.“.

He demanded the statement Shura Council The National Democratic Party should assume its responsibility and immediately dissolve the party’s executive office and assign a crisis cell capable of dealing with the acute situation in Tunisia to ensure a speedy return to the activity of constitutional institutions..

The differences renewed the old state of struggle within the party over the leadership of the movement, and the leader in the party warned before Brotherhood movement Abdellatif Al-Makki, that the intransigence of the movement’s leader, Rashid Ghannouchi, regarding extending his term, is the only scenario that will lead to an increase in schism within the movement..

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