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Djokovic’s sixth star in “Tennis Dubai” evaporates

World number seven, Russian Daniel Medvedev, put an end to the ambitions of world number one over the Serbian world, Novak Djokovic, and vaporized his sixth star in men’s “Dubai Tennis”, after Medvedev won two sets without a response (6-4 and 6-4), yesterday, in the semi-finals of the 31st edition. From the tournament that has been held since February 26 at the “Dubai Duty Free” stadiums in the Garhoud area in Dubai, and the curtain falls today, with a total of $ 2.9 million in prizes.

Medvedev set a date at seven in the evening today in the final match with last year’s title holder and his Russian compatriot Andrei Rublev, ranked sixth in the world, after the latter defeated the German in two clean sets (6-3, 7-6).

Djokovic, who recently returned from injury, failed to lift the Dubai Tennis Cup for the sixth time in his career, after he crowned it in years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2020), while the record for the Dubai Championship is still held in the name of Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer, who has eight titles. , which Roger achieved in the years (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2019).

Medvedev needed an hour and 36 minutes to eliminate world number one Djokovic, after a first set during which Medvedev succeeded in breaking his Serbian opponent’s serve early before clinching the set (6-4) in 40 minutes, and the Russian could repeat the same scenario in the second set by winning its result (6). -4) but in 56 minutes.

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In turn, the defending champion Rublev became one step away from retaining the title, and showed strong levels towards winning his German rival Zverev in two hours and one minute, after a relatively easy first set for the Russian that was limited to 48 minutes to win (6-3), before Rublev faced resistance. Fierce from Zverev in the second set, which extended to the tiebreaker, and the Russian knew how to settle this half and snatch the set (7-6) in an hour and 13 minutes.

A coincidence leads an Uzbek referee to “Dubai Tennis” for the 24th year in a row

Coincidence led a quarter of a century ago, Uzbek referee Alexander Bagdasarov (51 years) to join the crews of the Dubai Tennis Championships referees for men, before continuing in 2023 his association with the tournament, and coming for the 24th year in a row from Tashkent to Dubai, to take over line rule duties in the beloved tournament. On his heart, according to his description, which celebrated last Sunday the launch of its 31st edition, which is held to this day at the “Dubai Duty Free” stadiums in the Garhoud area, with a total of $ 2.9 million in prize money.

Alexander told «Emirates Today»: «I received an invitation from a person I did not know before to run and participate in the arbitral lists of the (Dubai Tennis) Championship for men, so that a new challenge in my career prompted me to submit the application officially, and I later obtained the approval that led me to come from Tashkent on a first trip to Dubai, and joining the crews of the referees of the 2000 edition, on a trip that paved the way for continuing my association with this tournament throughout the past years, and repeating the same mission annually by coming from the Uzbek capital to (Danat Al-Dunya Dubai) specifically to take over the line referee duties in the matches of this beloved tournament On my heart”. He explained: «The general referee of the (Dubai Tennis) Championship, Hani Al Khafif, whom I did not know before, sent messages addressed to all parts of the world, to nominate the names of referees with high qualifications to manage the matches of the tournament, which has succeeded since its inception in attracting the interest of the largest names of yellow ball stars in the world, What encouraged me not to hesitate, to fill out the form and send it to Dubai, before my application was approved, in a step that allowed me to move on to new challenges. He added: «I received great hospitality and support, especially from the director of the (Dubai Tennis) tournaments, Salah Tahlak, and the general referee, Hani Al-Khafif, which is one of the well-known features of the people of the Emirates, citizens and residents, to become (Dubai Tennis), despite my responsibilities in the tennis federation in my country, one of the most important Tournaments are on my annual schedule, and I am keen to be among its arbitration cadres.

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