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Do not be careful about burns… the results are unimaginable

Many “medical” habits have been prevalent since antiquity and have remained so until this day until science came and completely refuted their validity.

While social networking sites were swept years ago, publications about the effectiveness of flour as a treatment for burns, specialists warned against this step and the consequences that it might result in, especially after the return of these publications to circulation again.

A story that swept communication

Someone told what happened with a person who was burned while he was preparing food, so a friend who had served in the army in Vietnam intervened, and asked him to bring a bag of flour and put his burned hand in it.

He added that the flour treated the burn, as the affected person did not suffer from any redness or complications.

The incident has also garnered tens of thousands of interactions on Facebook and in several languages ​​since it began spreading in 2014.

right steps

However, this claim is unfounded from a scientific point of view, as Professor Abishai Angspat, a surgeon at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, explained in an interview with AFP that the first step to be taken after a burn is to clean the affected area with water and dry it carefully.

About washing burns (Istock)

He also explained that the skin protects against the entry of germs, and therefore the application of flour may contaminate the burn area and make the situation worse.

He added that flour does not have any therapeutic advantages for treating burns that are treated by specific methods. If the burn is small, it can be treated with an anti-inflammatory ointment. If the burn extends over a large area, it is necessary to go to the hospital so that the doctor diagnoses its degree and determines the appropriate treatment.

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In turn, dermatologist Natalia Vuravotinon who works for the Thai Ministry of Health supported what her colleague said, describing the claim as “misleading news.”

Burn dressing (Istock)

Burn dressing (Istock)

She stressed that after exposure to a burn, the wound must be cleaned with water or salt water as soon as possible, noting the need to use a topical ointment containing antibiotics.

It is noteworthy that the treatment of burns varies according to the size of the burned area, the location and the severity of the burn.

It is also always recommended to seek medical help when exposed to a burn.