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"Do not stick to the clothes that we agreed on!"

“Do not stick to the clothes that we agreed on!”

The captain of the Musical Professions, Hani Shaker, confirmed that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, signed a decision that included his commitment to his clothes on stage, his movements and the words of his songs, stressing that the latter did not abide by the recognition after that.
Shaker added, during a television interview: “Muhammad Ramadan was from two parties, so he passed a confession and said that he would stick to dress and speech, but it is clear that he is committed.”
And he continued, “We are not a banning party in the syndicate, but there is a party responsible for confusion and speech, which is the artistic works that are entrusted to him, and Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil has the judicial authority with which he can implement any decision he wants. I say: No, as I am, I am coming to represent Harrouh to Dr. Ashraf Zaki. I say I want to act, so I won’t say I don’t act.”

And on the approval of the profession’s behavior, Shaker said, according to “Russia Today”: “He wore it and his words, I made it as a precedent from me to Muhammad Ramadan for his benefit and my fear for him because I want to advise him of the best, even if he is committed to parties that can hold him accountable.”

He added: “Not everything in the world that is done remains appropriate for us. I am one of thousands who hear it and see it, and I am talking about the art that I myself convey to people and I want my children and grandchildren to see it. The color presented by Muhammad Ramadan is a showy color and not all clothing is appropriate for us in Egypt and not all songs are appropriate. It is not He says outside words, but his words are arrogance and glorification of himself, and I told him that by chance in a place, and I told him, take care that it is not necessary that all you say is that you are a number, and that he has another way of thinking.

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