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Takto se slavili letnice v Muzeu lidových staveb v Kouřimi v minulých letech

Do you celebrate Pentecost? Check out the vacation under the hood with the Qasim Open Air Museum

Feast of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost is a moving holiday celebrated seven weeks after Easter (May 23, 2021).

What is Pentecost about?

The content of Christian Pentecost is to commemorate the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and to commemorate the establishment of the Church. Pentecost, which lasted eight days, was followed by a strict ban on field work, gradually Pentecost and the following Pentecost Monday. Christian Pentecostal people expressed themselves in folk culture, for example, by restricting marriages and moving to the week before them. The Pentecostal period, a period of full development of the plant forces of nature, was associated with the manifestations of pre-Christian agricultural magic throughout Europe.

How was the holiday celebrated?

In folk culture, Pentecost associated with royal ceremonies, mainly conducted by single men, who guided, chased, or overshadowed the king. Cleaning the wells and performing the first bath ritual in nature will provide enough moisture for the plants. Many protective and fertile magical practices are to directly protect agricultural production. Due to the fertility of the fields, the young married couple rolled the seed, field patrols were carried out, and the first cattle grazing and wiping out the witches that chased the witches took place on the night of Pentecost. The opening of wells and the procession of queens are the central objectives of the holiday.

Take a look at photos from previous years’ show. The Folk Architecture Museum hopes to hold the show again next year after a break last year and this year.

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