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“Do you deal with us like the Gaza Strip?” .. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons the Israeli ambassador The Israeli Embassy in Ukraine

The Israeli ambassador to Kiev, Mikhail Brodsky.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to Kiev, Mikhail Brodsky, against the background of a media report that talked about Israel’s request from Russia to grant safe corridors in the event of its “invasion of Ukraine.”

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Hebrew media: Israelis in Ukraine respond timidly to calls to leave

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Hayat stated that the authorities in Kiev summoned Brodsky to “reprimand” and obtain clarifications about the call of the Secretary-General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Alon Ashbys, with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and the Special Envoy of the President of Russia to the Middle East and North Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov. .

Hayat reported that Brodsky made it clear to Ukrainian officials during his summons that Ashbys was seeking, during his contact with Bogdanov, to reduce the current escalation and stress Israel’s concern about its diplomats and citizens.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said, according to the newspaper “The Times of Israel”, that the two sides “had a difficult conversation.”

Brodsky was summoned after the “Axios” website published, on Wednesday, a report that said that Ashbys, during contact with Bogdanov, asked Russia to open safe corridors to evacuate Israeli citizens from Ukraine in the event that Russian forces enter it.

This statement aroused strong discontent with the authorities in Kiev, and on Thursday, a Ukrainian diplomatic official said in an interview with the newspaper “Haaretz” that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will summon the Israeli ambassador. Bullshit”.

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Source: Israeli media