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Do you know a profession because of McDonald’s dust? Bwanov also went to Forget

Favorite fkucha show and jury MasterChef esko Pemek Forejt (34) has joined the fast food restaurant! He praises his new job every step of the way and dreams of apologizing to fans who don’t like him very much. Mahulina Buanoff, among others, aroused suspicion. T did not want to rotate 180 degrees.

I work with McDonald’s because I’m interested in this stuff. It’s curious, but it’s a job I get paid for, He said in cooperation with the fast food chain fkucha Bimic Forget In an interview with DVTV.

Pimke Forget is dedicated to French fries.

In it, a high-quality hamburger can be made for 35 kr. Well, there will be good cuts of beef in it, but I’ll be there for you, I can’t answer that. When there’s something I don’t think about, I’ll say He added and promised to keep an eye on her.

Do you go for fast food? Do you eat there? Forget asked.

Pimke Forget laughed with Mick. Mahulina Buanoff also went to his speech.

It’s all like as if I became a caretaker for all the autistic kids on Mars, because I really want to see if they’re not going to be there, I replied to him Mahulina Buanoff.

The complete opposite of current philosophy, people will not take it. Code of spades, flair, refined, delicate, grip, original gastronomy and organic style plus mecca, it just amazes me, Added by hereka and admin.

Forget promises revolution. But this will not happen.

People on social sites liked her contribution so much, the praise and thumbs up didn’t end.

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Great question and QC, Onejt Speech.

It is difficult to imagine that the world-class chain will go beyond the standards of quality, production process, recipe for the composition of its results and reviews.