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Do you know why there are four buttons on the sleeve of the suit.. Here’s the secret

Follow-up – Suzanne Hassan

Formal suits, with their various brands, are among the luxurious clothes that men like to wear on their various occasions to give them an elegant and distinct look. Everything in our lives exists for a specific reason. If we look at the sleeves of the tuxedo jacket, we find a set of buttons, numbering four, at the wrist area, so what is the secret?

It is striking that there are four buttons on the sleeve of the jacket, especially if these buttons are gold or silver.

There are various accounts about the presence of these buttons, and yet some of those stories are historically related to soldiers, as one of the accounts says that the matter began at the beginning of the eighteenth century, when the sleeves of the suits were very narrow, so it was necessary to put buttons on its ends to help the person pass Hand through it and then close it.

Another narration says that the idea arose by placing buttons on the sleeves of the uniforms from the military uniforms of soldiers on the battlefield, as the buttons had a role in facilitating the lifting of the sleeve, if the soldier was injured in the hand to heal his wounds.

The story of this innovation goes back to Frederick the Great of Prussia (1712-1786), part of present-day Germany, who ordered buttons to be placed on the sleeves of soldiers’ uniforms to prevent them from wiping their mouths and noses during battle.

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– Some sources attribute the previous account to General Napoleon, who did not like the habit of soldiers wiping their noses and mouths with the cuffs of military uniforms, so he ordered buttons to stop this habit.

-Currently, the buttons on the sleeves of the suits are considered a symbol of elegance, or to indicate that the brand worn by the person is of a luxurious type, especially if these buttons are gold or silver.

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