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Do you mix the "FIFA Award" and the "Golden Ball"?  Here's the difference

Do you mix the “FIFA Award” and the “Golden Ball”? Here’s the difference

Although the holder of the two awards is usually one player, there are differences between the FIFA award and the Golden Ball, in a way that sometimes confuses football followers.

The FIFA and magazine prizes were merged between 2010 and 2015, before each party returned to awarding its own prize starting in 2016.

“Sky News Arabia” provides a guide to know the basic differences between the two awards, to break up the engagement among the followers of the first popular game in the world.

FIFA award

start FIFA award From a committee that includes a number of former players from all continents of the world, they choose the 11 best players in the football season after it ends.

After the 11 names are announced, the voting phase begins, in which fans participate (through an electronic referendum), journalists from several countries, coaches and leaders of football teams around the world, to choose a short list of 3 players (the best among them is decided by votes) after evaluating performance with clubs and teams .

Voting percentages are distributed equally among the public, journalists, coaches and players (25 percent for each category).

The players nominated for this year’s FIFA award are: French Karim Benzema, Belgium’s Kevin de Bruyne, Norway’s Erling Haaland, Italy’s Jorginho, Brazilian Neymar, France’s N’Golo Kante, Poland’s Robert Lewandowski, France’s Kylian Mbappe and Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Roberto Cristiano Ronaldo, Vol. Mohamed Salah.

The award will be presented to the best player at a ceremony in the Swiss city of Zurich, on January 17, 2022, as usual, announced at the beginning of the year.

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Golden Ball (Balloon d’Or)

The oldest and most prestigious award was established in 1965 by the magazine “”France FootballSpecialized in football matters.

The main difference between the two FIFA awards and the magazine currently, is the period of time on which the comparison is made between the players, as FIFA adopts the football season, while the “Golden Ball” evaluates the players throughout the Gregorian year.

The Golden Ball award is decided by a direct vote of 173 journalists selected by the magazine from among the members of the International Federation of Journalists, knowing that the list of voters is confidential.

The award will issue a short list of the 30 nominees for the award, and the winner will be announced on the day of the award.

Each journalist chooses the best 3 players from his point of view, so that the first gets 5 points, the second gets 3 points, and the third gets one point, so that the player with the most points wins the title.

The award was presented at a ceremony in the French capital, Paris, on November 29.