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Do you think Google Docs is great?  Now it is better with multiple text selection

Do you think Google Docs is great? Now it is better with multiple text selection

With its convenient and functional use, Google Docs has been enhanced to become one of the best productivity apps on the web.

A great new feature, multiple text selection, allows for faster and better editing.

With this feature, Docs Editor users can make multiple text selections within the document. With this, users can delete, copy, paste, and format these selections simultaneously, he said. Android Central.

The way you select text in Google Docs depends on the operating system used. For Windows or Chrome OS computers, select the first section of text and use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/Right Arrow to make the next selection. For macOS users, the combination is Ctrl + ⌘ + Shift + Left / Right arrow. From there, you can make modification or formatting to the selected text.

A new feature in Google Docs that is ideal for power users

The new feature attracts power users, allowing easier modifications to documents as quickly as possible. Instead of having to edit text one by one, you can now edit multiple sections at the same time.

If you have a lot of text to format, using this feature will definitely be easier than using the formatting drawing tool which allows you to highlight one part of the text and copy its formatting to another. Although this tool makes it not necessary to set each parameter on its own, it may require more clicks depending on the number of pieces of text you are trying to change.

The new feature will be available to all Workspace users, G Suite Basic and legacy G Suite Business users. Google says the new feature will be enabled by default and rolled out within 15 days, starting May 25, so it may not appear immediately.

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Do you think Google Docs is great?  Now it is better with multiple text selection

Google recently added several new productivity features to Docs, such as revamped dropdown slides and table templates to further improve workflow.

The update is immediate and does not require any action to start using it. However, it may take up to fifteen days to become available through the system.

The feature is available to all Google Workspace users, which means that it will likely be most commonly used in programs like Google Docs and Google Sheets. Google said it will also be available to G Suite Basic and Business users. It is also compatible across operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS.