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Tuky usnadňují vstřebávání vitamínů

Do you want a beautiful figure and strong health? Include fats in your diet

At a counseling center, I’ve often found that many clients exclude fats from eating. When I asked why the answer was so quick and easy. Because I’m a big fat. Many people live with the idea that if they have extra pounds, they should get rid of it from food to a minimum, as it is the body’s number one risk factor. So how was it? Is fat really that dangerous, or is it just a myth? And how are you? Are you excluding fats from your diet for optimum weight gain? Let’s take a look at it together and in more detail.

What should you know about fats?
We have two types of fats. Saturated fats (butter, lard, milk) that do not benefit the body much. They increase cholesterol, clog arteries. Then there are unsaturated fats (vegetables, fish, and nuts), which have great benefit for the body. Cleans the arteries, supports the function of the nervous system, etc.

Fat is an essential nutrient
They are an important source of energy
It forms cell membranes and nerve fiber sheaths
 They have the function of thermal insulation
Protects the abdominal organs
 They improve the taste
Contributes to hormone production
Facilitates absorption of vitamins

Think about the amount of fat consumed and the quality of fat more than excluding fats from the diet. It is preferable to eat vegetable oils, and eat fish, seeds and nuts regularly, because they play an indispensable role in the body and have great benefit in the proper functioning of the body.

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Mgr. Pavlina Podlukova