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Do you want to complain about the speed of the Internet? Sttn ad m speciln rychlomr

NetTest, which actually achieves download, upload and ping times, is available at The advantage of the tool is the possibility of the so-called authorized name, which automatically performs the entire process with the result in the form of a PDF document, only it can be limited by a possible complaint with the service provider.

We believe that the first certified certificate will make it easier for ordinary users to file a complaint, because there will be no worries about how to save the result and get the necessary document for service providers, said Hanna Tverkov, Chair of the Board of Directors. Czech Communication Series.

When changing, the user must be careful not to leave the application using the connection in the background, and that only his computer is connected to the Internet for the duration of the change, not by cable, not via Wi-Fi. They must have the latest updated version of the operating system and web browser.

Since the end of this year, operators have been required to accurately inform customers of the offered Internet connection standards. In the case of fixed internet, the advertised speed, the maximum speed, according to the common available speed, which shall be available 95 percent of the time and shall not specify less than 60 percent of the advertised speed, shall be stated in the contract and the contract document.

The minimum speed must not be less than 30 percent of the advertised speed. In the case of a mobile connection, the service provider must report in the contract, in addition to the advertised speed, also the estimated maximum speed (for more information, see At the bottom of the skew. Operatoi will need to determine the relative speed of the Internet).

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If the customer does not find the data in the contract, then he must contact the specified provider, respectively. Clients will be invited to search for new contract issues.