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Do you want to live healthy?  We will advise you how to get acquainted with a high-quality new building

Do you want to live healthy? We will advise you how to get acquainted with a high-quality new building

The Healthy Home series will be advised by experts from the Czech Green Building Council on the Doma DNES and website.

Providing fresh air throughout the day without an excessive amount of harmful substances is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body and mind as well as for a healthy sleep. This is best ensured by an automatically controlled ventilation system with heat recovery, which is installed in their projects by quality developers. The system guarantees enough fresh air without the need to open windows in the cold or create drafts. It also keeps harmful carbon dioxide levels low2 And it contributes to saving energy. In addition, fresh air from outside passes into the apartment through dust or pollen filters, which reduces the amount of harmful substances inside.

Port Karolína 2 project, Skanska

“But also an aspect of natural lighting is very important, as you can let into the apartment through the large windows. Did you know that most Czech families suffer from overheating? That is why, in almost all projects, we put window blinds in all apartments.” , Which can be used to prevent the apartment from overheating. Then green roofs help prevent overheating of areas or apartments on the upper floors, ”says Peter Vallis, a healthy living specialist at developer JRD, which has long focused on building healthy housing. And environmentally friendly. And you don’t have to worry about street noise. This system, combined with effective insulation and special triple-glazed windows, will not allow it to enter the apartment. In addition, modern, healthy and environmentally friendly buildings have an economical process. Low energy or even passive energy homes can save up to 85% on heating costs compared to traditional new buildings. “Let’s do all we can to build more homes of the passive standard by 2030, using the maximum amount of recyclable and recycled materials, and to ensure that all apartments and homes have a healthy indoor environment,” Vallis said in a call to JRD for Health Living.

When choosing housing, it is very important to take care of the materials and technologies that the developer used in the construction. Equally important, however, according to Skanska Reality’s Green Business Manager Miroslav Kobera, is how the developer places the new housing in the current context of the city and how it fits in with the local site. According to the World Health Organization, the external environment affects our health by about 15 percent, but the impact of our lifestyle is much greater. It is vitally important that the surroundings create a comfortable environment, attract people to spend their free time in the fresh air and thus contribute to a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Community garden of the U cukrovaru project, Skanska

Community garden of the U cukrovaru project, Skanska

“Quality public spaces are just as important as the quality of the house and the apartment itself. In addition, they have a positive effect on neighborhood relations. Therefore, we do not forget any outdoor space where you can relax and get to know each other or the garden in any of our projects. In addition to respecting resources. Natural, which is why we are actually producing some of the furniture in our apartment buildings from rebetong, that is, completely recyclable concrete, ”Cobira explained. He also notes that Skanska’s approach to construction, public spaces, material selection and recycling aims to achieve a reduction in the building’s carbon footprint and building life cycle by the end of this decade and carbon neutrality by 2045 at the latest.


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The trend, which is to motivate people to actively spend their free time in the open air and share life in the neighboring community, is today in current development, but also in newly built development projects, such as so-called community gardens, there are already dozens of them in Prague, hundreds throughout the Republic. Czech.