After the young Egyptian artist Hanadi Muhanna stirred up a state of controversy on social media by appearing noticeably thin, she made her fans and followers wonder how to lose weight in a short period, and whether she underwent gastric sleeve surgery or a harsh diet.

Dr. Taha Osama, a consultant in obesity and plastic surgery, revealed the details of Hanadi Muhanna’s thinness that shocked the public, especially after he published a picture of them from inside his clinic, which the public considered as confirmation that she had undergone surgery, and not just a harsh diet.

The doctor did not explicitly reveal whether she underwent surgery or not, but he indicated in a television interview that Hanadi was very committed and this helped her reach her current weight after 5 months, given that she followed the instructions very carefully.

The doctor explained that the system and method that Hanadi followed, without going into details, contributed to her healthy descent from the fat mass, not the muscle, and the artist is still in the stage of stabilizing weight and building muscle mass in a healthy and sound manner.

The doctor said during his meeting with the ET Arabic program, that he treated many celebrities and helped them reach the ideal weight, such as Hakim, Sawsan Badr and Hoda Zaher, wife of the artist Ahmed Zaher and Tamer Habib, but it was Hanadi Muhanna’s thinness that caused a sensation, noting that many of the Celebrities are ashamed to announce that they have undergone slimming procedures, and this thing does not shame them at all.

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