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Documenting the threats to the International Space Station in 4 years » Iraqi News Agency

Documenting the threats to the International Space Station in 4 years » Iraqi News Agency

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The automatic system for warning of dangerous situations in Earth orbit in the years 2017-2021 recorded about 1,000 threats to the International Space Station from a distance of no more than 4 kilometers.

The main institute of the “Roskosmos” space corporation revealed its report in this regard on the sidelines of the “Army – 2022” forum“.

The report stated that the international station was subjected to 960 threats during the mentioned period.

He added that the station witnessed 29,600 dangerous approaches to space devices flying in Earth’s orbit, and Elon Musk’s small satellites accounted for 45% of the total dangerous approaches, and the system recorded 30 cases of crashes of space devices and objects in orbit..

It is noteworthy that the “Army – 2022” military-technical forum had previously revealed materials confirming that the achievement of the “Milky Way” project for space control ends by 2035..

It is assumed that the project will allow tracking the dangers of collisions in the Earth’s orbit, warning of the approach of an asteroid and dangerous comets, as well as recording changes in space weather..

It is noteworthy that Alexander Plushenko, Director General of the Department of Future Projects at the Russian Space Corporation “Roskosmos”, had stated on August 3 in an interview he gave to the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” that the “Milky Way” system would ensure continuous global monitoring, so the Its ground-based telescopes are deployed not only on the territory of Russia, but also abroad.

It is noteworthy that the idea of ​​the “Milky Way” project, as an automatic system to warn of dangerous conditions in Earth’s orbit, was approved at the beginning of this year, and the system will include 65 ground telescopes, as well as the system’s satellites, telescopes and space laboratories, and the effectiveness of the “Milky Way” system will increase exponentially. On the effectiveness of the current system.

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