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Does chewing gum help healthy and how do we choose it?

Does chewing gum help healthy and how do we choose it?

Who wants immediate help from unattractive breathing) Bad breath), Usually amounts to chewing gum, and often – similar to cheerful advertisements – even after a double dose. Improvement can only be noticed by inserting gum into the mouth, and for this quick action and refreshing taste, chewing gum is very popular. But does it really work? How to choose the right gum to really help you with bad breath?

Beware of sugar: the problems will only get worse

The eternal problem of all foods that would otherwise benefit Sugar. This also applies to a number of chewing gums. Sweet sugar taste It’s delicious, but it’s also the only thing that gives you such a product. It might work in a flash, but it will only help you with minimal trouble. This is due to sugar, which increases salivation and the multiplication of germs involved in the formation of tooth decay. In the end, chewing gum containing sugar will only exacerbate bad breath, ”explains dentist Jana Carpusica, professional guarantor for the Splat brand.

When the taste doesn’t matter

Some chewing gums have the ability to mask bad breath with a strong smell. The most popular is Mata Bieberna And it’s also gaining popularity Cinnamon flavorIt smells and stings just as strongly as a traditional menthol. Even with very fresh scents, however, if the gum contains sugar, unattractive breathing only convinces for a while, but otherwise, it is likely to do more harm to your oral health. So does using gum make any sense at all?

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Sugar-free, with zinc and xylitol – this is what a quality chewing gum formula should look like

Zinc boosts immunity and captures unpleasant odors

Chewing makes sense, but you should choose gum that can provide scientifically proven recipes. It certainly does not contain sugar, but it does provide some important substances that help fight bad breath effectively. “It is zinc, a mineral that is involved in the production of enzymes and processes such as the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Thanks to this, it helps to effectively capture unpleasant odors,” teaches Jana Carpusica. Zinc Also helps immune system In the fight against pathogens that can create an unpleasant odor in the mouth, and actively contribute to the normal perception of taste.

Birch sugar fights bacteria

The perfect right ingredient for high quality chewing gum fluorideWhich contributes to Enamel mineralizationThus strengthening healthy teeth. And the Xylitol, commonly known as birch sugarBecause it is extracted from birch wood. This natural sweetener reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth Plaque formation. Zinc, fluoride, and xylitol work together to combat bad breath and maintain oral health. This is a huge advantage over the intense flavor, which only maskes the problem.

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Want to not only hide the smell, but fight it properly? Read gum formula carefully and look for xylitol, fluoride, or zinc. But most importantly, the note is “sugar free”.

Proper hygiene is essential

Even the highest quality and best healthy chewing gum will not take responsibility for your compliance Proper oral hygiene. “For example, try to reach for gum after eating an aromatic meal or when you cannot brush your teeth. However, if someone has been bothered by an unpleasant feeling and bad breath for a long time, it is necessary to consult a dentist,” confirms Dasha Higerova, a dentist. From the dental clinic at the University Hospital of St. Annie in Brno. Often he is to blame GingivitisWhich can lead to GingivitisBone loss and displacement of tooth loss. Therefore, proper care of the health of the oral cavity is the solution and prevention of bad breath.

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