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هل تشبه دعاء فاروق الفنانة المعتزلة شمس البارودي؟.. هكذا علّق حسن يوسف

Does Doaa Farouk look like the retired artist Shams Al-Baroudi?

09:25 PM

Thursday January 20 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

The announcer, Doaa Farouk, recounted several situations that she collected, directly or indirectly, with the retired artist, Shams Al-Baroudi, through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, pointing out that some confirm that there is a similarity between her and Shams in features.

Doaa published two pictures grouped in one frame, the first for her and the second for Shams, commenting, “A need that has been longevity makes me happy that there are some people in it. And she said to me, “You are like Shams Al-Baroudi.”

And she continued, “The important thing is that one time I hosted the artist Hassan Youssef on the Iqra channel. I was still wearing a new veil, and he appeared with me on a program in Ramadan, and I told him about it, people say that I am like Madame Shams Al-Baroudi, and he told me that you are really similar to her sister, what is important is your crocodile in the moon and salvation.”

And he combined a prayer and a temporary sun, his first narration, saying, “After that I met Madame Shams Al-Baroudi in a store we were buying things and I photographed with her, and she asked me to keep the picture for myself, and her house, and she really did her home and almost lost me.”

She added, “Today, I am still a beautiful woman named Reham, one of my followers who enjoys taking a picture of Shams Al-Baroudi in the white dress, and she told me that she really resembles you.

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It is worth noting that the artist Shams Al-Baroudi married the artist Hassan Youssef, and they collaborated on more than one artwork, then she retired from art and wore the veil in February 1982.