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هل يمنع الإسلام اختراع رحما صناعيا لحمل الأجنة؟.. أحد علماء الأزهر الشريف يرد

Does Islam forbid the invention of an artificial womb to carry fetuses? .. One of the scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif replies

Dr. Abdullah Al-Najjar, a member of the Islamic Research Academy, said that Islam does not object to scientific development and does not prevent the existence of scientific discoveries that lead to the preservation of life and the achievement of happiness for people in this world and in the hereafter, but the science that is called in Islamic law the visible book, is completely compatible with the Sunnah. And the Holy Qur’an and the legal evidence that regulates people’s behavior.

Al-Najjar added, in a telephone interview to the “From Egypt” program, with the media Amr Khalil, via the . channel CBCConsidering this issue from the legal point of view of this inventor, who is the artificial womb, requires, among other things, that this scientific work has been completed in its form so that we can say that it is permissible or forbidden, so that we do not reach the production of a person who is deformed or has no relation to his origins.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Najjar, a member of the Islamic Research Academy, added: “It is necessary to ensure the success of the artificial uterus experiment before declaring a legitimate opinion on it.”

For his part, Dr. Khaled Amin, a member of the Board of Directors of the Medical Syndicate, said that with regard to the artificial uterus that carries multiple embryos, and the invention of Chinese scientists, it may succeed in humans, especially after its success during experiments on mice, adding: “The issue did not arrive in time. The current stage has reached the stage of human trials, and everything in it is a feeding vessel for the fetus, not a womb in the understandable sense, and it succeeded in mice greatly.”

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Khaled Amin added, in a televised intervention to the “From Egypt” program, that the shape of the device is very close to the shape of the nursery in which infants are placed to complete their development, continuing: “It is a very advanced civilization, and it begins with children from their first weeks.”