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الأمير هاري والأمير ويليام

Does Prince Harry miss his brother Prince William ?!

Prince Harry gave a televised interview with Hota Kotte while attending the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands. In an interview aired on CBC’s TODAY, Prince Harry talked about Invictus games, his married life, his two children and life in general in the United States. The media tried hard to resolve personal questions about his relationship with the royal family, but the prince wisely avoided questions and chose impartial answers, which proves that Prince Harry is still at odds with his family. Cotp asked the 37-year-old prince about his brother Prince William, and that if he missed him and his father Prince Charles, especially his grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s visit was the only one on his visit to the United Kingdom. The prince responded indirectly, bringing the conversation back to the Invictus games.

The couple promised their grandmother to the Queen to bring their two children to Britain

He also mentioned in his reply that he is losing his wife and two children at the moment, “Well, for me I’m focusing on these guys who are here at the moment (in Invictus games, I’m here and I give everything I can, to make sure they have experience 120%) age,” That’s what I’m focusing on now, my focus will be on my family when I leave here, and I will miss it so much. I conveyed the Queen’s message to the England team. I attended the Invictus Games and when I met them I was very happy to see her, “Prince Harry told the BBC.” I hope she wants to be here if she can. ” In this context, the newspaper The Mirror reported that Harry and Megan’s meeting with the British Queen was “friendly and warm” and that the couple had brought their two children to Britain with their grandmother and promised to meet him in the future.

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