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Does Saad Lamjarred collaborate with Nabila Obaid?

Egyptian actress Nabila Ebeid interacted with Moroccan Saad Lamjarred, who expressed his desire to act with her, which activists on social media considered a hint of possible cooperation.

Nabila Obaid thanked Saad Lamjarred, whom she described as “the star of Morocco”, for his kind words, and expressed her aspiration to work with him.

Lamjarred revealed his desire to stand in front of more than one actress when entering the world of acting, including Nabila Obaid, whom he described as a “legend”.

Lamjarred talked about the friendship that binds them, and their continuous communication via Instagram, describing it as “a pinnacle of humility.” On the other hand, Nabila Obaid is keen to express her admiration for Lamjarred’s new works, the latest of which is his song “The Throat”.

It is noteworthy that Lamjarred revealed a few days ago that he was reading cinematic scenarios, in order to choose from them the role closest to him, especially since he is not an actor, and is still in his infancy, and aspires to present a work that attracts the admiration of his audience, so that he can be accepted by an actor as he loved him as a singer.

And information stated that the scenario of the movie Light Comedy was presented to Lamjarred, in order for him to have his first acting experience in Egyptian cinema, and the filmmakers are working on choosing his heroes alongside Saad, who did not confirm or deny the news.

Nabila Obaid’s latest work was the series “Sugar Ziyada” in Ramadan 2020, and Nadia Al-Jundi for the first time, and she is preparing to return to TV drama with the series “Blue Bead” of only 15 episodes.

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