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Does the Lebanese government know if Hezbollah agreed to target Israel? Bouhabib answers to CNN

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The Lebanese government has been unable to obtain information on whether Hezbollah approved the missile strikes on Israel, Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib told CNN’s Becky Anderson.

“We don’t have information about that. We tried to get some information, but we couldn’t find out whether Hezbollah approved it (the bombing) or not,” Bouhabib told CNN in an interview Friday.

The Lebanese foreign minister went on to say that the rockets from Lebanon may have been launched by Hamas or “any other Palestinian organization,” adding that the rockets used were Palestinian-made but “not very effective.”

Bouhabib added, “As you know, we have Palestinian camps in southern Lebanon, and we do not monitor every Palestinian, so they can go somewhere in a village and do what they did yesterday… It could be Hamas or any other organization from the Palestinian side.”

And the Lebanese Foreign Minister continued, saying: “We know that we have a very difficult situation in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah is there and they are armed, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL are also there and they work with others in order to stop such things, but they do not always succeed.”

Bouhabib indicated that the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands that there are reasons for such a launch, but “it did not like that it came from Lebanon.”

And the Lebanese Foreign Minister continued, saying: “What happened in Al-Aqsa is the reason for what happened in Lebanon yesterday. I do not justify it. I explain that what happened in Al-Aqsa is very important and there is a real reaction.”

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