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Dogs, surveillance cameras, and special forces to guard two mango trees.. What's the story?

Dogs, surveillance cameras, and special forces to guard two mango trees.. What’s the story?

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An Indian couple hired locals and a group of dogs to guard two mango trees and installed cameras to monitor the tree on their farm in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

According to Sabq newspaper, the two trees are of the “Miyazaki” mango, which is the most expensive variety of mango in the world, and that the two trees are owned by two major farmers in Madhya Pradesh, Sankalp Parihar and his wife Rani.

The newspaper quoted the statements of the husband, who said: “Years ago I was traveling by train to Chennai Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu state, in order to buy seedlings for my farm. About them on the Internet, so I learned that they are a type of mango Miyazaki, it is the most expensive mango in the world, and they call it the sun’s egg grows in the Japanese prefecture of Miyazaki.”

He continued, “A man from Mumbai offered 21,000 Indian rupees ($282) for one kilo of Japanese Miyazaki mangoes; But he refused to sell it, because he would allocate the crop to obtain seedlings from the rare tree, and to plant more of them.”

He added, “When the story of the two mango trees (Miyazaki) spread, some thieves attacked his farm and stole some of the crop; He decided to bring 4 guards and 6 guard dogs, in addition to the cameras in order to guard the two trees.”