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Dolla Rojasov for the Patnect Scale, Tsygayov and Croser flashed

At a meeting in Ibiza, Rogasov helped move to the top of the world’s top tables in the back with a maximum permitted height of two meters per second. The Venezuelan athlete entered the 15-meter race once, this time an inch.

I’m happy to perform, but disappointed with the kicks. The top 25 female athletes in the world over the past 20 years have said, I am coming home to work hard, the Olympic is around the corner and this season is very important to me, and it will strive to improve the silver medal in Rio in Tokyo. Last year in the burrow with a force of 15.43 set the record for the indoor hall and under the open sky, the maximum of its predecessors was 15.41.

In Portuguese Maya, Ethiopian Godav Tsegayov was the first to reach the hour-long limit during her debut on a 10,000-meter track. The bronze medal from the 1500m World Championships in Boho reached a time of 29: 39.42 and placed five places on the historic tables.

Etiopanka Gudaf Tsegayov
Ryan Crozer na Ostravesk

Ethiopian Godav Tsegayov (left) and American Ryan Cruiser showed great luxury at the end of the summer season.

For the second time in history alone, one race had less than 30 minutes in a single race, with compatriot Kalkidan Gizahiniov arriving at 29:50.77 At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Ethiopian Almaz Ayanov (29:17, 45) put three female athletes under the clock.

Ryan Kruzer’s ball in Fayetteville exceeded 22 meters and with its longest shooting distance of 22.69 it was just three centimeters behind the maximum of his compatriot Joe Kovacs this year. The Olympic Empire from Rio de Janeiro increased the number of consecutive recruits.

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Gatlin vtzn test the Olympic stadium

American runner Justin Gatlin won the 100 meters during the Olympic Test of Japanese competitors at a meeting in Tokyo. The 9-year-old Olympic Empire average in the shortest race of Atn and two-time world champion averaged 10.24 seconds and defeated the host Tadu team by two hundred.

Mtinka, the type of the most important category in the continental tour – gold, was represented by five hundred athletes, but only a few foreign players from Gatlin and Qatari group Moataz Issa Barim, who won by 230 cm. The races at Japan National Stadium, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as athletics in less than three months at the Olympics, were a test for applicants ahead of the postponed games. In particular, the organizers have perfected the work of dogs’ measures against the Coronavirus.

Mtink with subtitle Ready Steady Tokyo – Athletics was held without hesitation due to the fact that the current salary in Tokyo is due to the deteriorating situation with the Coronavirus emergency. In the capital and many other provinces it will take care of it until May 31. The Olympic Games will begin on July 23, and it has yet to be decided whether Japanese spectators will at least be able to consider the mega event. The presence of those abroad has been excluded into two parts.

Mtink kategorie continental tour – Gold v Tokiu

100 m (0,0 m / s vtr):
1. Gatlin (USA) 10.24,200 m (+1,4):1 – Izuka 20, 48,400 m: 1. Sato 45.61, 5000 m: 1. Iida 13: 27.73, 110 p. (-0,8): 1 – Canai 13, 38, 400 p.m.: 1 – Kurokawa 48,68, 3000 pa:1. Miura (Fishnee Gap) 8:17, 46, FCA: 1 – Prem (Qatar) 230,Tai:1. Yamamoto 555dlka: 1 – Hiuka 807, otp: 1. Kominami (vichni Jap.) 80,98.

1500 m:
1. Tanakov (Japan) 4: 09,10, 5000 m: 1. Gatiriov (Kia) 15: 10.91, 100 p. (-0,8): 1. Teradov 12.99, 3000 pa: 1 – Chipkimoyov (Kia) 9:39, 29, dlka: 1. Hatov 648, otp:1. Uedaov (ob Jap.) 58.93.

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