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Dominica Gotova arrived in Prague: insults, crying, and a desire to hide from public view!

Dominica Gotova arrived in Prague: insults, crying, and a desire to hide from public view!

Dominica Gotova arrived in Prague two days ago to move out of her rented apartment and say goodbye to her friends. The daughter of the famous singer is only in her homeland for the jump and reportedly has good reasons to do so.

Dominica Gotova fled Finland to the Czech Republic a year and a half ago due to problems with her husband, Tim Tolki. But it did not last long in her homeland.

Gott struggled to find a job in Prague, and when she lost her last job safety in mouthwatering palladium plates last year, she decided to return to Finland. In Helsinki, Gott and Tim Tolky applied for a government apartment, where they recently moved.

A few days later, Jota’s daughter was left alone in a foreign country, as the Finnish musician traveled to Mexico to earn money.

Gott stayed in the hospital for ten days, and continued to drink alcohol

After arriving in Finland, Dominica Gotova went to the hospital, where she wanted to get rid of her addiction to drugs and alcohol, but she was not very successful.

Gott admitted two days ago: “I still have to work on myself, but other than that I feel much better. I started cutting down on alcohol during treatment, which also ruined my body. I have a glass of maximum every day.” AHA.

Slavic’s daughter is concerned about her life, as a result of consuming alcohol and medicines. She suffers from diabetes, liver disease and increased stress. But even this did not prevent her from continuing to drink, albeit in a limited manner as alleged.

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Dominica Gotova came to Bohemia to say goodbye, and she no longer wanted to endure the insults

Karel Goet’s daughter came to Prague not only to pack her belongings and take the last things from her rental apartment. He also wants to say goodbye to his friends and mother, Antonia Zakbalova.

According to Gotova, she will stay in the Czech Republic for at least a week. “I want to say goodbye to my friends, and of course I will also dedicate myself to my mother, who has already recovered from the accident. Thank God she survived,” her plans revealed.

One of the main reasons Dominica returned to Helsinki was the pressure on her psyche. A while ago, she complained about the disgusting behavior of some citizens. “When I was still working in a bar or delicatessen people used to come and see me like wildlife somewhere in the ward. It was terrible! I’m not going to experience this in Finland. Randomly, have fun,” her family then and nothing has changed since then .

“I know I gained weight, but it was because of job loss and constant sitting at home – and also because of my health problems. But for the supermarket salesperson telling me to eat low-fat yogurt instead of conventional yogurt. I wanted to buy, it’s too much for Mine” AHA And tears in his eyes. No wonder Karel Gott’s eldest daughter prefers to clean in a place where she will not be subject to such attacks.

Dominica Gotova suffered in Bohemia.

Source: YouTube