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Don 807 is the all-time top scorer with a hat-trick of 59.

Don 807 is the all-time top scorer with a hat-trick of 59.

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United striker, silenced the “tongues” that have been criticizing him for weeks, for his fasting in scoring goals with the “Red Devils” in recent matches, and he responded with three “hat-trick” goals against Tottenham, in the match that ended with the victory of “United”. 3-2 in the 29th round of the English Premier League.
Ronaldo showed his true face, and he was the “Spurs executioner” in the match, and he saved his team with his three decisive goals, which he scored in the 12th, 38th and 82nd minutes.
This is the 59th time that Ronaldo has scored a “hat-trick” during his bus career, and the first time with “United” since his return from Juventus, Italy.
Ronaldo performed his best performance this season, and deservedly deserved the title of man of the match, and at the same time, he was the only historical football scorer, surpassing Czech Josef Bikan, a player of Rapid Vienna and Sylvia Prague in the thirties of the last century, whose score stopped at 805 goals. Ronaldo’s balance before the Tottenham match was 804 goals, and by adding his three goals against the French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, his score rose to 807 goals, distributed by 115 goals with his country, and 692 goals with the clubs he played for throughout his career, including: That was his three goals against Spurs.
The International Football Association (FIFA) acknowledged Ronaldo’s achievement, according to the official figures recorded in “FIFA”, and congratulated the “Don” for breaking Pekan’s number.
The most prominent comment on what Ronaldo did on this exciting football evening was what was mentioned by the “Global Goal” website, which said: This is the hero’s response, a young hero at the age of thirty-seven, and a lover of victories and difficult situations.
However, some unofficial sources, such as the International Foundation for Football Statistics, refused to grant Ronaldo the title of historical football scorer, and insisted that Joseph Bikan scored 948 goals, not 805 goals, while the Czech Federation confirmed that Bikan’s balance stopped at 821 goals, which means that Ronaldo needs To 14 more goals for the Pekan equation, according to estimates by the Czech Federation.
Last May, Ronaldo was named the world’s all-time top scorer of national teams, with 115 goals, after he beat the Iranian Ali Daei, whose score stopped at 109 goals.

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