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Donia Batma raises the sign of victory, and Muhammad al-Turk threatens her: “My soul is long” (witness)

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homeland – The Court of First Instance in Marrakech ruled, on Thursday, that the Moroccan artist, Donia Batma, divorced her Bahraini husband, Muhammad Al-Turk, and granted her custody of her children, to bring down the curtain on the story of the duo that occupied social media platforms for months.

Donia Batma and Muhammad al-Turk divorced by court ruling

The Court of First Instance in Marrakech had issued a ruling to imprison the Bahraini producer Mohammed Al-Turk 3 months, and a fine of 3,000 dirhams for accusing him of inciting corruption in a case with his ex-wife, the Moroccan artist The world of Batma.

The court convicted the Moroccan citizen intercourse who was with him in the case of his betrayal of the mother of his two daughters, Donia Batma, to 3 months in prison and a fine of 3,000 dirhams.

Abdel-Moghith, who was accused of taking pictures and video clips of Turk and Wesal, for Dunya Batma, and publishing them without their consent, was sentenced to 3 months suspended imprisonment and a fine of 2,000 dirhams.

According to Moroccan media, the court issued its ruling after several sessions that began after the dispute between the spouses intensified a few months ago.

A Moroccan court ruled the divorce of Donia Batma Muhammad al-Turk

Donia Butma’s first comment on her divorce ruling

In the first comment on the court ruling bher divorce From Al-Turk, Dunya Batma published a picture of her waving the victory sign through the “Story” feature on her official account on “Instagram.”

Donia Butma contented herself with raising the victory sign and did not attach it to any other comment.

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Muhammad Al-Turk vows a blow: “This is a first round, and my soul is long.”

For his part, the Bahraini producer, Muhammad Al-Turk, also broke his silence to officially confirm the separation through his accounts on social media, after he had been denying during the last period the news that promoted the existence of a dispute between them.

Muhammad Al-Turk said in a comment on his account bInstagram“Congratulations in the first round.

And the young woman, Wissal, had gone out earlier, responding to Dunya’s accusations of “treason and adultery.”

Dina Batma, Muhammad al-Turk and his mistress Wesal

And she wrote through her account on “Instagram” that her relationship with Muhammad al-Turk “was limited to work and nothing more,” considering that “Batmeh inserted her name into her dispute with al-Turk for the purpose of revenge and discrediting them contrary to the truth.”

The crisis of Dunya Batma and Muhammad al-Turk

The crisis came out into the open after Muhammad al-Turk appeared in a group of video clips and live broadcasts on social media platforms, apologizing and asking for reconciliation from his wife, but all his attempts failed in the face of Dunya Batma’s determination to put an end to their relationship.

The crisis between Butma and her husband was renewed last week, due to what Butma published on her social media accounts, as some accused her of being provoke With her comments, Muhammad Al-Turk, as she recently published information about changing the lineage of her daughters.

Dina Batma had previously filed a complaint against her ex-husband, accusing him of harming her financial position by behaving in bad faith in the “precedents” of her concerts in his capacity as manager of her business.

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In addition to the charge of libel and defamationTreasonShe also filed a divorce case with the Family Judicial Department of the Court of First Instance in Marrakesh, and the case ended in divorce.

Muhammad al-Turk begged the Moroccan authorities a few days ago, during a live broadcast to him through his personal account on the Instagram application, to help him regain his right to meet and custody of his two daughters, “Ghazal and Laila Rose,” from Dina Batma.

Al-Turk revealed in the broadcast that he is deprived of seeing his two daughters and has not been able to see them for 4 months.