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Donia Batma's dance ignites the attack against her and changes the shape of her body, which raises the admiration of the followers

Donia Batma’s dance ignites the attack against her and changes the shape of her body, which raises the admiration of the followers

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The Lebanese actress raised Donia ButmaA state of controversy on social media because of the way she danced at one of the weddings that she recently revived, which exposed her to a torrent of criticism.

Donia Butma raises controversy with her dance

And the pioneers of social networking sites shared a video of the Moroccan Donia Butma During her dance to the beat of the drum and a number of Egyptian folk songs, entitled “Dance me on one and a half”.

Donia Batma appeared dancing in a bold way to the tunes of songs from one of the weddings, which exposed her to an attack from her followers because of her style, which they described as bold.

The attack on Donia Batma was not only due to the way she danced, but also because of the difference that the audience noticed between the video clips and the photos that she publishes through her personal account on the Instagram application.

Followers pointed to her excess weight and the change in her reproach due to her recent plastic surgery, and the great difference between her appearance in photos and videos.

What is remarkable is the appearance of Dunya with her real size body, as she appeared full and large.

The audience interacted greatly with the video, expressing their admiration for the great difference that appeared between the shape of her body, which changes according to the pictures, and accusing her of using Photoshop.

At the same time, Moroccan singer Donia Batma underwent a new photo session with the look that she relied on during the wedding ceremony and published the photos, through her official account on the “Instagram” website.“.

Donia Batma appeared in the pictures wearing a Moroccan “kaftan”, and the pictures won the admiration of her followers.

Donia Butma raises controversy due to her appearance and appearance

exposed Donia Butma Recently, she received many criticisms because of her appearance through her personal account on the Instagram application.

This was not the first appearance that caused controversy for the artist, Donia Batma, as she was recently subjected to many criticisms and described her choice of clothes as “teenager” choices.

The controversial artist was keen to cancel the comment feature to protect herself from harsh comments and harsh criticisms that affect her because of her bold summer looks and the significant change in her appearance due to plastic surgery..

However, Donia Batma was not exposed to criticism and attack, not only for the audacity of her appearance, but for the change in her clear features. Dounia Batma did not pass a few months, but the audience was surprised by a new change in her features, the last of which was in a video clip in which the Moroccan artist appeared while she was dancing, where she was surprised Donia Butma The audience had a shocking look, as the Moroccan artist appeared while she was dancing, but some did not recognize her due to the change in her features, so she appeared with a more rounded face and completely changed eyes, along with

change in Donia Butma He did not stop only when the features of her face changed, but Dounia Batma possessed a body with different specifications, but some attributed the transformation of her body to practicing sports, while others attributed the matter to body sculpting operations, especially since Batma usually appears with a sculpted waist and more rounded sides, and recently appeared Donia Butma With a plump body, and a short dress, what sparked criticism against her is not her short dress, but the shocking transformation in her features, while some considered that she had become suffering from “cosmetic obsession”, others saw that she seeks to hide her features completely and that the matter is related to her fears of restoring her old features once Other

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