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Donkey race in Bahrain... Wide interest and international presence (video)

Donkey race in Bahrain… Wide interest and international presence (video)

Between foreigners and local citizens, a distinct and different donkey race was held in the city of Saar in Bahrain, west of Manama, attended by many.

The competition has been held for more than 40 years, between the months of December and March, in weather that becomes more gentle for animals, suitable and appropriate for their nature.

The competition is one of the forms of entertainment and entertainment for the youth of the villages, who own donkeys, raise them and train them for this competition, which requires good care, special attention, and healthy food.

Reuters quoted the Bahraini citizen, Mohammed Zamil, as saying that he and the people of his country need to support this popular sport, which is widespread in them and the Al-Ahsa region without its presence elsewhere in the Gulf and abroad, which gives it exceptional and distinction.

Muhammad says that this popular game is under constant development, which fascinates people and makes them happy to see such a competition.

Indian businessman Carisi Master, who lives in Bahrain, attended the event, which was held on Friday, the 18th of last February, and he had never had the opportunity to watch such a race before, despite being interested in it, as he put it: “I am always interested in knowing what is going on.” I’m in the race, and I feel happy…watching these beautiful animals is a wonderful thing.” Wishing at the same time not to be subjected to beatings of these animals.

The donkeys are tied to a light wood cart during the race, from which the jockeys lead the animals, and instruct them to run in straight lines using a soft tool that does not harm the donkeys.

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There are several competitions for donkeys taking place in Bahrain, including the selection of the most beautiful and best donkey, and it is chosen among 10 others.

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