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"Don't go!"  U.S. Vice President to Immigrants - A2larm

“Don’t go!” U.S. Vice President to Immigrants – A2larm

US Vice President Kamala Harris has made her first business trip to Mexico and Guatemala. It was in the latter country that he held a joint press conference with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamate earlier this week. During that time, he received harsh criticism throughout the political spectrum. “Don’t go, don’t go,” Harris encouraged South American immigrants to travel to the United States.

Wealthy Americans can save a lot of money by fraudulently avoiding federal income taxes, but that’s nothing against the amount they can save without breaking the rules.

It was his statement that immediately began to compare with former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant attitude. Harris left the United States to promote the reports. “This is a disappointment,” tweeted Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes, for example. The U.S. has called for a change in the hypocrisy of the media’s different approaches to similar statements by former President Trump and Vice President Harris. Conservatives have pointed out. But criticism also arose from Biden’s political allies. “It’s scary. I don’t know how else to say this,” he quotes Anonymous Hill Server. “I don’t see how they can be prepared for questions like this,” another anonymous respondent commented in The Hill.

Kamal Harris Joe handed Biden over to displaced politicians As part of his vice presidency in the spring. As illustrates the reaction to the Vice President’s current statements, it is a relatively ungrateful character in which it is easy to offend almost all parties. This will damage Kamala Harris’ chances of becoming the Democratic presidential candidate in 2024. During last year’s campaign, Joe Biden indicated that he would not run again because of his advanced age (Biden was the oldest president in the United States at the time to take office). It should be noted that he certainly did not promise anything like this, and that spring was the opposite. Talked about the possibility of re-candidacy.

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Who pays taxes?

On Tuesday, he published an investigative speech on taxes paid by rich Americans such as Propagia, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. “Many Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, not get rich, and pay the federal government a percentage of the income that increases with their salary. In recent years, the average American family has been earning about seventy thousand dollars a year and paying fourteen percent in federal taxes,” said Jesse Eisenchwerf and Jesse Einscher. Reads an article signed by Kiel. “According to Forbes magazine [25 nejbohatších Američanů] Between 2014 and 2018, it became a total of 1 401 billion rich. According to the tax office, they paid $ 13.6 billion in federal taxes during the period. This is a staggering amount, but only about 3.4 percent, “they say.

Charles Reddick, head of the Tax Office (IRS), announced that the articles would be resolved by his office. However, he does not mean to investigate tax evasion, but to examine how Propolica got into non-public records. The server was published in connection with its main article Separate text, Its editorial office protects the publication. “We publish tax information for wealthy Americans because we believe that the public interest in the informed debate outweighs concerns about privacy violations,” the founders of the publication, Stephen Engelberg and Richard Dofel, explained in an introduction.

Other media outlets immediately began to settle the case. “Wealthy Americans can save a lot of money by swindling federal income taxes, but this is nothing against the amount they can save by breaking the rules,” Phenimin Appelbaum told The New Times in a commentary entitled The Real. Tax corruption is legal (a real tax corruption is legal). “Past revelations, including reports on the Panama Papers and Donald Trump’s finances, have given us snippets showing just how widespread tax evasion is. This latest data shows all of this more fully. I hope this will be enough to convince the public that change is necessary,” he concludes.

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Big brother against CRT

The funny news is finally coming from Nevada this time. In Washoe County, there is a heated debate among parents about teaching their children. Public hearings drew the local school board Meeting directly according to AP. The main way to learn at a very low level (from preschool to fifth grade) about topics like race, diversity and equality is a key aspect of the controversy. The school board denies that their so-called Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is considered a dangerous left-wing teaching by many neo-conservative Americans, will be affected in any way by their new programs.

“Protesters say the planned changes include the basic tenets of the CRT, which draws a line to the current inequalities from slavery to secession, and that racism is still embedded in laws and institutions,” Sam told the Met Office. A serious demand was put forward by the Nevada Family Coalition (NFA) parent association. They want local schools to equip teachers with cameras that many U.S. police officers have had to wear in recent years. Intended to help parents verify that their children are not being trained. “You have a big problem with aspiring teachers who bring politics where they do not belong, especially not in fifth grade,” said NFA boss Karen England.

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