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Don't miss this amazing picture of a black hole explosion

Don’t miss this amazing picture of a black hole explosion

Astronomers have captured a stunning image of a black hole that has erupted 12 million light-years from Earth. An image of radio emissions from the active feed of a black hole. According to astronomers, Figure 16 shows full moons spread out side by side.

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Check out this amazing picture of a black hole exploding

Photo of radio waves exploding around a black hole

as stated in it launchThe image is of a black hole located in Centaurus A, a giant elliptical galaxy 12 million light-years from our planet. Astronomers say that when gas and other particles fall into a black hole, it explodes and eats up the particles. Then the “radio bubbles” emitted by the black hole expand at nearly the speed of light. These bubbles will grow over hundreds of millions of years.

They photographed the explosion of a black hole from Earth. As such, astronomers expect 16 full moons to explode alongside of the same length. They captured this particular image with the Murchison Whitefield Array (MWA) telescope in Western Australia. Astronomers say this is the most detailed picture of a black hole erupting. a discovery paper Published in the magazine natural astronomy.

deep digging

Supermassive black hole in the center of the spiral galaxy

Dr. Benjamin McKinley of Curtin University says the radio waves in the image came from all the particles feeding into the black hole.

He said: “It forms a disk around the black hole, and as the matter approaches the black hole, powerful jets are formed on both sides of the disk, most of the material is emitted into space. Millions of light years away. In a press release.

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He added that their previous observations could not cope with the extreme brightness of the black hole eruption. This caused image distortion around the discharge. Now, this new movie offers an in-depth look at the details surrounding the eruption.

Dr. McKinley said that because Centaurus A is so close to Earth, there is a lot we can learn from observing the black hole at the galactic center. Scientists can then use the research to advance our knowledge How do black holes work, and how they constantly eat the particles around them.

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