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Don’t they grow up? | Marilyn Salloum

Marilyn Salloum

If you find time and perseverance to sit in front of the screen in order to watch what the channels show, and your eyes fall on stations that still promote video clips, and show them intermittently or continuously, you feel that time has stopped at a group of artists, as if development and renewal for them are beautification And a change in appearance with each new look and song, and even this one you find sometimes stops, changes in appearance while it belongs to the same group as what this artist (or artist) previously presented.

Renewal for some is frightening. Take, for example, Maya Diab, who is impossible for you to know because of the “development” in her form, until she became a completely different person, as if she admired Angelina Jolie’s form in the movie “Maleficent.” We do not exclude the rest of the artists who surprise the audience with every look with a beautification that distorts what was previously beautified.

Christina Sawaya, who chose not to lose sight of her after being elected Miss Lebanon years ago, took the acting path and did not complete, and turned towards singing, and found in the “video clip” a way to continue the beauty show, and you hardly know her in the mermaid costume in the “Video Clip”. devoid of any beauty.

All of them use the “video clip” to show the charms, not to present the song in a video frame as if it were a short film, with the exception of a very few artists, including Elissa, who is now keen on the content, story and message when presenting a video song. Nawal Al Zoghbi is a showman, and Najwa Karam changes her clothes as many clips change between each scene and the next, as if she is a competition in a fashion show.

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Note that you are preoccupied with the figure and not the song, so much so that you can mute the sound and just be the image. This is for “them.” As for “them,” the difference between the singer’s “video clip” and the singer’s “clip” is that most of them dispensed with the presence of the handsome young man and the dream knight in the “clip,” and were content with themselves.

As if they are not growing up, Assi El-Hellani is surrounded by beautiful women, as we used to watch when he was at the beginning of his journey, and at the height of his stardom, and it is remarkable that his son presents the same quality of “video clips”, which you find more logical than the infatuation of girls in their twenties, with a man over fifty, even if this The man is Assi Al-Halani with his full fame, or Ragheb Alama with his full elegance and attractiveness, or other singers.

Do they not grow up, and the ideas of their songs and video clips develop with them?

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